Justin Timberlake Surprises Cancer Patients At Texas Hospital

Kevin WinterGetty Images

Even with a fast-paced career and busy schedule, singer Justin Timberlake still finds time to offer support to those who need it most. On Friday afternoon, he made a surprise visit to Methodist Children’s Hospital in San Antonio, Texas. He had been in the area for his “Man of the Woods” tour and decided to see if he could cheer up young cancer patients at the hospital. His visit was unplanned and a wonderful surprise to nurses, parents, and patients, according to Today.

Arriving quietly, Timberlake began to make his rounds through the hospital, stopping to talk to as many young patients as he could in their individual rooms.

Annabella Lugosi is the mother of 4-year-old Jackson who has been fighting cancer since he was only 3-months-old. When Jackson’s cancer recently relapsed, Lugosi was forced to bring him back to the Children’s Hospital for treatment. The visit she’d been dreading was made exponentially brighter by Timberlake’s surprise visit.

“He was so humble, and you could really tell that this wasn’t for publicity or anything like that,” she said. “He genuinely wanted to be a bright spot in these kids’ lives for a day. We had no idea this campaign (to meet Justin) was going on, and I had no idea he was coming until right before he came in.”

The tired mother was running on low sleep and fighting to stay positive for her son who had just gotten out of major surgery. Jackson had only recently been brought back to his room when Timberlake cautiously approached the doorway. He was hesitant to enter the room out of fear of waking Jackson who was asleep. However, Lugosi welcomed him right in.

“My initial reaction when he walked in was, ‘Oh, my God, I’m not wearing any makeup, and I haven’t slept in three days,'” she said, laughing. “It was a very happy moment in a very stressful day.”

There, by Jackson’s bedside, Timberlake sat and talked with Lugosi about her son’s condition and their family’s struggles. He offered her support, praising her for her bravery and fortitude. The singer went on to talk about his own son, Silas Randall, and shared his experiences with parenthood. Although he had never been through a situation similar to Lugosi’s, he could relate to her through her love for her son.

Parents of children in the cancer ward described how memorable the visit was, thanking Timberlake for his selflessness and humility.