Plus-Size Supermodel Ashley Graham Flaunts Her Curves In Sexy Swimsuit Snapshot

Dia DipasupilGetty Images

When it comes to the world of body positivity and inclusivity, there’s perhaps no figure more famous than Ashley Graham. The plus-size model has been lighting the world of fashion on fire, and she’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

When she’s not touring the world and modeling for photoshoots, Graham loves to share stunning snapshots with her followers on social media, and her latest pic was no exception. Taking to the popular social media platform Instagram, the Nebraskan-born supermodel shared a photo of herself enjoying some time on an exotic and pristine beach.

In her most recent image, Ashley Graham can be seen walking with style, in the same manner that one would associate with a supermodel walking down a runway during a fashion show. Instead of looking directly at the camera, Graham is staring downward and ahead. Her signature dark brown tresses are obscuring part of her face, and if one were to look closely enough, a faint smile can be seen on Ashley’s face.

When it comes to fashion, the buxom model opted to keep things rather simple and tame, but by no means unflattering. In terms of jewelry, Graham can be seen rocking a metallic bracelet of sorts, along with a ring on her right hand.

When it comes to her choice in swimwear, Ashley has opted for a tight and flattering one-piece swimsuit, which features an alternating pattern of black and white stripes. The supermodel’s ample hips are on full display, and while Graham’s outfit is not as revealing as a standard bikini, there is still a hint of cleavage.

Just as impressive as the model’s look is her choice in venue. The pristine blueish-green ocean water looks as inviting as it does clean, and the sunlight is shining down, casting shadows upon Ashley Graham’s sun-kissed complexion. The beach she is walking on looks clean — and noticeably empty — and a few palm trees are littered throughout the shot. While the post is a little scare on the specifics, the geotagged shot does indicate that the supermodel is in Anguilla. The British overseas territory is located in the Caribbean and is a popular tourist destination.

Despite being posted only a few hours ago, Ashley Graham’s photo has proved popular with her eight-plus million followers on Instagram. At the time of writing, the picture has accrued well over 215,000 likes, with over 800 comments to boot.