‘Captain Underpants’ Season 2 Hits Netflix Next Month

Based on a graphic children’s novel from the late ’90s, no one could have imagined the Captain Underpants series would not only be adapted to be a movie but a cartoon series as well.

For those of you – and your children – who have been anxiously waiting for the next installment of Captain Underpants on Netflix, your wait is almost over.

The second season Captain Underpants: The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants is slated to hit the Netflix streaming library on February 8. The series is part of an exciting new lineup featuring several Netflix Original children’s shows scheduled to hit next month.

As Netflix subscribers know all too well, the contract between Disney and Netflix came to an end recently. This resulted in the removal of a wealth of children’s shows. Fortunately, Netflix has been hard at work with the creation of original content to fill the holes left behind by the lack of Disney content.

The Captain Underpants animated series is based on the popular children’s book series written by Dav Pilkey. The author has been very involved in the animated adaptation of his series and is currently on staff as a producer for the show.

Many fans got the news of the upcoming season release from Pilkey himself when he announced the news to his followers on Instagram.

“TRA-LA-LAAA! ONE MONTH until #DWCaptainUnderpants Season 2 is on @Netflix!” The author penned in a post containing a large graphic of Captain Underpants that read “one month” in the background.

Fans showered the announcement with just over 650 likes.

The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants is a Netflix Original animated series that was produced for them by the ever-infamous Dreamworks production studio. The first installment of the series was introduced to the library last summer and has continued to remain popular with the service’s younger viewers. Television critics seemed to support the show and the program even managed to get itself nominated for an Annie Award in the category of “Outstanding Achievement for Editorial in an Animated Television/Broadcast Production.”

If your curious as to whether the original voice actors from last season will be returning, have no fear! According to What’s On Netflix– a fan site dedicated to all things Netflix – Nat Faxon is slated to be returning to his role as Captain Underpants. Jay Gragnani and Ramone Hamilton will also be returning to their characters, George and Harold. Series narrator Sean Astin will also be reprising his part in the show as well.

While there are no definite answers to how many potential seasons Dreamworks will produce for the streaming giant, What’s on Netflix suspect that based on past series contracted between the two companies you can look forward to anywhere from six to eight seasons of epic adventures.