Lip’s New Fling, Tami, Learns Gallagher Ways In Tonight’s ‘Shameless’ Episode [Spoilers]

Araya Diaz & Michael TullbergGetty Images

Season 9 introduced a new love interest for Lip Gallagher (Jeremy Allen White) and their relationship appears to be heating up in tonight’s episode.

Warning: Article contains spoilers from tonight’s episode of Shameless.

Brad’s sister-in-law Tami (Kate Miner) and Lip didn’t have the best first impression of each other when they had drunken intercourse during a wedding ceremony. Nicknaming him as “jabby” and criticizing his performance, some fans thought it was shocking when the duo found their way back to each other and ended up hitting it off.

Tonight’s episode puts the awkwardness of their relationship on display as the duo have a hard time sleeping over at his place as well as hers. While Tami encourages Lip to get his own place, he knows that isn’t something he can afford to do.

After realizing talking Lip into a new place is out of the question, Tami moves on to seeing what kind of changes she can make in the Gallagher home to make it a more comfortable place for her to be.

Initially, the duo play with the idea of moving into the basement. However, Tami has a hard time getting over how creepy that room in the home is. She questions who died in the basement, not realizing there were a lot of creatures that died in the basement. As fans recall, there was a time when Carl housed sick dogs, who were near death in the basement until they passed away naturally.

As Tami makes her way through the Gallagher home on a quest to change how the family does things – as they are all adults with the exception of Liam now – she learns a little more than she wanted to know about her new bed mate.

Starting in the bathroom, she discovered the entire family uses a single bar of soap with the exception of Lip, who uses dish soap. In the moment, Tami jokes about how it must be the reason Lip smell like lemons all the time. She also notes the fact that he should really have matching bath towels.

In the kitchen, Tami educates the Gallagher family on it not being acceptable to microwave a sponge used for washing dishes to “kill germs.” She throws the sponge away and encourages them to buy a new sponge.

Turning her attention to a box filled with underwear, she learns the family also has a “shared” underwear box as it is just cheaper and easier on everyone.

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