‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Actress Karla Souza Says Gabriel Has More Secrets

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

The first episode of ABC’s How to Get Away with Murder premiered on September 25, 2014, and has kept viewers on the edge of their seats for almost five straight seasons. The Shondaland creation follows Annalise Keating played by the extraordinary Viola Davis. Annalise is a law professor at a prestigious university in Philadelphia. As the series goes on, Annalise and five of her students become entangled in a murder mystery, which just doesn’t seem to have an end in sight. The series brings new captivating stories and mind-blowing plot twists with each season, and Season 5 has been no different.

In the mid-season finale of Season 5, fans learned that Gabriel Maddox played by Rome Flynn, is the biological son of Annalise’s deceased husband Sam Keating played by Tom Verica. When Gabriel was first introduced into the show, he brought a lot of questions as fans weren’t sure how he would tie into the storyline and who he’d be related to. The fifth season of the show returned last Thursday night and it offered a bit more information about Gabriel’s backstory but while chatting with Forbes, one of the show’s stars, Karla Souza, said that there are many more secrets to be revealed.

“Gabriel is bringing a lot of surprises,” Souza, who plays Laurel Castillo, one of Annalise’s students, explained. “As the Keating 4 find out who he is, they start to learn a lot more about him. Not everything that you think Gabriel is has been revealed yet. It doesn’t end there.”

“For the first time, we’re going to realize just how much people really know about what we did and what we may be involved in,” she went on to explain. “Not just with what happened at the wedding, but everything from our past, too. Get ready for a lot of things to come back.”

Series show-runner Pete Nowalk echoed Souza’s words and confirmed that audiences will be seeing a lot more of Gabriel. Nowalk said there has been a lot of speculation and rumors surrounding the mysterious character and it’s time for an explanation. He said that Gabriel will be the one to provide clarity to everyone about why he came to Philadelphia and what he hopes to gain.

There has also been a lot of mention of Gabriel’s mother but viewers have yet to be introduced to the character so it’s likely that could occur in upcoming episodes. Fans of the series will just have to stick around to find out what happens next.

How To Get Away with Murder airs on Thursdays on ABC.