Jana Duggar Continues To Impress Fans On Instagram, Including Lawson Bates

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It has been 10 days since Jana Duggar joined the world of Instagram, and she seems to be fitting in quite well so far. In fact, she is already verified on the social media forum. The reality star has shared family pictures as expected, and also yummy food posts. Fans are thrilled that she is willing to share a part of her everyday life in photos since she is seen as more private than the rest of her siblings.

The 29-year-old Duggar daughter is rocking social media and fans are impressed. Her latest Instagram post revealed her love for cheese on national cheese day. She celebrated by heading to what appears to be Panera Bread to enjoy their mac and cheese, and also a grilled cheese sandwich. One person who also seemed to be impressed by the photos is Lawson Bates. He took the time to post some smiley faces on her timeline.

Duggar fans are looking for any signs that Jana may be courting since she joined Instagram. The Bringing Up Bates star has been one of the top suitors for Jana Duggar for a while now. Both families have been friends for years, so they kind of grew up together. Fans have felt free enough to comment on both Jana and Lawson’s accounts that they should be together.

People suspect that Jana may possibly be in, or at least close to being in a relationship. However, Jessa Seewald shot down that idea when she told everyone that her older sister is not with anyone right now. There are some fans who are just fine with her being single and still enjoying her life.

“Jana is the most accomplished of all the women. Life is not all babies and husbands. Brava! You are completely whole just as you are,” one person wrote.

Others feel the same way. While it would be amazing to see the eldest Duggar girl find her soul mate, she certainly doesn’t seem to be in any rush to get there. Fans have been trying to hook her up for years, but she has proven that she can be just as happy without a man in her life. She has mentioned in the past that she wants to find just the right one for her and that she isn’t willing to take just anyone as her husband.

The new season of Counting On is expected to return to TLC on February 11. While most of the focus remains on the courting, engaged, newly married, and pregnant Duggars, fans are able to see a few tidbits of Jana mixed in as well. Maybe this season will have more of the recent projects that she has been able to accomplish.