University Of Oklahoma Student Expelled From Sorority After Blackface Video Goes Viral

A student at the University of Oklahoma was kicked out of her sorority after a racist video went viral, CNN is reporting. The video shows a girl painting her face black and at one point appears to use a racial slur. A girl then comes into the shot and the two laugh and hug. After the video spread around, the OU chapter of Delta Delta Delta sorority — also known as Tri Delta — decided to expel the unnamed student that painted her face. It is still unclear if the other girl that appeared in the video was also kicked out.

“The behavior documented in the video is abhorrent and is in no way consistent with Tri Delta’s ideals,” said OU chapter president London Moore.

“To those students directly impacted by this senseless act of racism, we are deeply sorry, and we know that is not enough.”

University of Oklahoma President James Gallogly also denounced the actions in the video, referring to it as “inappropriate and derogatory” in a letter sent out to the school.

“We are saddened and offended that even on the eve of such an important holiday (Martin Luther King Day) for our nation we are reminded how far we have yet to come in the conversation about treating everyone with respect and dignity,” said Gallogly.

He also shared that the two girls that appeared in the video have offered to make an apology. As of now, it’s unknown if the girls will receive further disciplinary action. Adran Gibbs Jr., the president of the student government association, has publicly called for the girls to apologize to the black community. The University of Oklahoma Black Student Association also released a statement, saying that it was “unfortunate” to still be happening after “violent and painful history” of blackface.

The group is now fighting for the university to adopt a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to hate speech. They’ve also suggested that the school increase the number of multicultural faculty and staff members as well as increase funding to African-American programs. While many OU students said they found the video to be shocking and offensive, this is unfortunately not the first time the university has come under fire for racist actions in Greek life. In 2015, a video showing members of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity singing a racist chant also went viral. As a result, the house was shut down and two students expelled.