Tom Brady’s Wife Gisele Bundchen Spreads Her Legs In Sultry Yet Psychedelic Instagram Snapshot

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Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen is known across the globe for her stunning good looks and her enviable figure. Legions of her fans and followers hang on each and every social media post that she makes, and in her most recent share, she’s showing off her artistic side.

In this particular Instagram image, Gisele can be seen crouching low in a dramatic pose, spreading her legs wide apart to give herself a sense of breadth and of balance. Behind her is a poisonous looking green moon, tinged at its edge with a hint of orange. The bright verdant shade of the orbiting satellite match the shining emerald hue common to Gisele’s draping dress, one that is sheer at the neckline to hint at her more feminine features. Complimented by swatches of rich orange and pink, the dress is cut in such a way as to reveal the supermodel’s toned arms and slender legs.

Wearing a notable bit of blush on her cheeks and focusing a pair of dreamy, bedroom eyes on the camera lens, Gisele Bundchen shows that at 38, she still has what it takes to compete on a world-class level when it comes to modeling. She wears an understated nude lip in the image, parting her lips in a sexy and suggestive fashion.

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With a rather lengthy caption attached, one which goes into great detail to remind her fans to pay attention to their spiritual health, it seems like the Brazilian bombshell put a lot of thought and effort into her most recent share. And her fans appeared inclined to agree, with over 420,000 of her most ardent admirers giving the psychedelic snapshot a like — and a further 3,700-plus Instagram users taking the time to leave her a short note in the comments section.

One user wrote, “Love your new Missoni campaign! It suits you so much,” while another Instagram fan simply wrote, “Te amo.”

The former commenter is likely alluding to the fact that the image seems likely to have come from Gisele Bundchen’s latest artistic collaboration, one with fashion label Missoni. Casting the supermodel as “a traveller [sic] who transcend [sic] space and time; embodying the nomadic spirit,” it is likely that Missoni chose well in this instance — the campaign is both creative and captivating, particularly with the lovely Gisele in a position of prominence.

Gisele Bundchen made headlines most recently for planting a big kiss on the cheek of her husband, NFL superstar Tom Brady. Following his win over the Los Angeles Charges, per the Inquisitr, Gisele shared a picture of herself smooching her significant other to Instagram. The New England Patriots quarterback is widely considered to be one of the best NFL players of all time, making both he and his wife top-tier talents in their respective professions.