Bunnies Attacking Cars At Denver Airport

Denver International Airport is currently dealing with a serious problem: Bunnies. A group of hungry bunnies are attacking cars parked at the airport’s parking garage and are causing serious damage to the vehicles.

According to CBS, the bunnies are chewing wires underneath the cars and causing hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars worth of damage.

Arapahoe Autotek spokesman Wiley Faris said:

“They like to chew on the insulator portion of the ignition cables. That’s what we see … That wiring harness has all the wiring for the car so it can run from the hundreds into the thousands depending on where the harness is damaged.”

Commercial Appeal reports that the USDA Wildlife Service is currently removing about 100 bunnies from the parking garages a month but there are still dozens of bunnies causing chaos at the airport. Some drivers have even resulted to using coyote urine to keep the bunnies away from their cars.

Faris said: “We have found a good deterrent is predator urine, you can pick up fox urine at any pro hunting shop.”

USAirport Parking also said that it was installing “raptor perches” for hawks and eagles in order to control the bunny population.

Here’s a video report about the bunny attacks. (NSFW)

Sorry, that was Monty Python. You can see CBS’ video report here.

What do you think of the bunny problem? Have you ever had a small animal do damage to your car?