Olivia Davison, Todd Gurley’s Girlfriend, Gets Viral Attention For Racy Instagram Photos

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Todd Gurley is on the cusp of greatness, and now his girlfriend, Olivia Davison, is on the cusp of some major spotlight of her own.

As Gurley and the Los Angeles Rams prepare for a possible trip to the Super Bowl, the running back’s longtime girlfriend is getting attention as some racy pictures from her Instagram page gain traction online. The Sports Daily noted that Davison has used her social media page to support her boyfriend, often sharing pictures of herself rocking his No. 30 jersey and watching the games She also uses the page to share some very revealing pictures of herself.

Though Davison is a native of Bozeman, Montana, she has taken a liking to the much warmer climate where Gurley and the Rams play. Davison has posted a number of pictures of herself lounging poolside in the sunny Southern California weather, and enjoying some tropical getaways with her man.

Olivia Davison has a chance to see an even bigger spotlight if Gurley and the Rams can make it past the top-seeded New Orleans Saints and reach the Super Bowl. The Rams had one of the best offenses in the NFL this season, with the versatile Gurley leading the way.

As USA Today noted, Gurley has done it all without drawing too much attention to himself. The reticent running back has happily shared touches with backup C.J. Anderson and hasn’t grumbled a bit about the decrease in touches he’s seen as a result.

“Gurley, who has more touches than any player in the NFL the last two seasons, saw Anderson get seven more carries than him in the biggest game of the season on Saturday. Despite being fully healthy, the Rams leaned on Anderson, giving him 23 carries compared to Gurley’s 16,” the report noted.

“There wasn’t a peep out of Gurley during or after the game, besides him celebrating his teammate’s two touchdowns and 123 yards rushing. He wasn’t pounding the table for more touches. He wasn’t complaining about being on the sideline for a crucial fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line.”

Gurley doesn’t play a very big role in the girlfriend’s Instagram page, only appearing in the distance as she roots on the Los Angeles Rams. But she makes reference to him frequently, and some of her followers noted that he’s “winning on and off the field.”

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Those who want to see more pictures of Olivia Davison can check out her Instagram, or keep an eye out for her in the crowd at the NFC title game.