Samsung's Galaxy S10 May Come With A 'Nasty Surprise'

Stephanie Barnes

As Samsung prepares to launch its 10th-anniversary Galaxy S10 devices, it's being reported that the company may have overlooked a major design flaw in its upcoming phones. According to a report from Forbes, it seems the new devices might come with a "nasty surprise" that prevents the screen of the phone to be used with screen protectors. The report went on to explain that popular accessory maker, ArmadilloTek -- located in Dallas, Texas -- discovered the issue while testing their products on the unreleased devices.

"We have tested our cases on real #GalaxyS10 phones. The in-screen fingerprint does not support [a] screen protector," ArmadilloTek pointed out.

In order to work around this design flaw, the company will make a few adjustments, including shipping its premium protective Vanguard cases for the Galaxy S10 without the usually-included screen protector. The newly discovered issue might not affect most users -- not everyone likes to cover their phone's screen with an extra layer -- but for those who do want the additional protection, this could be a deal breaker.

The new devices will feature cutting-edge technology in the form of its ultrasonic fingerprint reader, which has been built into the displays of the Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10 Plus, and 5G Galaxy S10. But it seems that the same cutting-edge technology could also be the culprit here.

Considering the fact that these alternative technologies are totally compatible with screen protectors, it looks like Samsung has indeed set itself apart, but not in the way it had hoped.

Despite the design flaw, the Galaxy S10 is still expected to pack a massive punch. According to a report from Tech Radar, it's rumored that the new devices will come with an all-new, all-screen display with significantly less bezel at the top and a possible camera cut-out embedded within the screen located to the right. This is said to be the company's attempt to rid its phones of the dreaded notch that has been plaguing so many current smartphones on the market.

According to the report, the Samsung Galaxy S10 launch date has been confirmed as Wednesday, February 20, and the phones could hit store shelves by March 8.