Kate Middleton Was ‘Deeply Hurt’ By Prince William’s Hard Partying, Eyeing Other Girls, During Their Splits

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Kate Middleton was “deeply hurt” by Prince William’s hard-partying ways and his reported eyeing of other girls during their two brief splits in the early aughts, Marie Claire is reporting.

The pair met back in 2003 when they were both students at the University of St. Andrew’s. By all accounts, they made for a perfect match — he a young Royal destined for the throne, she an attractive, well-educated young lady with enough family history in the British gentry to pass muster for a later royal marriage. British bookmakers even took bets on whether or not the couple would eventually get married, as CTV News reported at the time.

But all was not well. Perhaps due to their age, their busy class schedules, the intense media scrutiny, or the fact that things just didn’t work out, they broke up. Twice, actually — they had a well-publicized breakup in 2007, but they also had a brief breakup in 2004.

During those times when they were split up, William did what a lot of men of his age and status would be expected to do — he partied it up, and reportedly even eyed other girls. And even though they were split up, royal author Katie Nicholl says that William’s antics during those splits “deeply hurt” the future Duchess.

A Boys-Only Yacht Trip To Greece

As the Express reported in December 2018, William and his friend, Guy Pelly, took a yacht and partied their way around the Greek Isles one summer. While there are no reports of shenanigans happening on that boat, by all accounts, William partied it up and had a great time. Back in England, Kate was stewing.

“Kate was beginning to question William’s commitment to their relationship, and she also had her own creeping doubts about their future after St. Andrews.”

Another Girl – An American!

Also during their split, William’s eye was caught by that of another girl — American heiress Anna Sloan.

The two had some things in common, including both having lost a parent: Wills having lost his mom, Princess Diana, as a teen, and Anna having lost her father in a shooting accident. And in fact, Sloan reportedly invited the future King to Texas.

However, it seems the feelings weren’t mutual, and though William was reportedly smitten by the American girl, their relationship never progressed beyond friendship.

Patching Up

These days, of course, all is right in the world of the future King and Queen, as the pair patched things up back in 2007.