Matthew Ficken Murdered His Parents, Stayed In House With Their Dead Bodies Five Days Before Taking His Life

Matthew Ficken was angry at his parents for moving out of their house, so he killed them both and then stayed inside the home with their dead bodies for five days before taking his own life, police in Washington state say.

The grisly incident took place in the town of Ammamish, where authorities said the 34-year-old killed his elderly parents just before they were set to move out of the home he shared with them. As the New York Post reported, the man’s parents — 68-year-old Lorraine Ficken and 72-year-old Robert Ficken — had divorced a decade ago, but still lived together in the Ammamish home. Lorraine Ficken had bought a new home near her sister and brother-in-law in Oregon and was planning to move soon, the report noted.

Police said that Lorraine Ficken had given her son enough money to move out and into his own apartment, including a deposit and the first and last month’s rent, but he reportedly did not want to leave the home that had been sold.

As the Issaquah Reporter noted, family members grew worried when they had not heard from the couple in several days and called police, asking if they could make a welfare check. As officers arrived, Matthew Ficken reportedly took his own life with a single gunshot.

Details about the killings of Lorraine Ficken and Robert Ficken remained unclear, with police not saying exactly how or when the couple was murdered.

The report noted that Robert Ficken was a well-known local historian who authored a number of books about the history of the state of Washington. Lorraine worked in real estate for 26 years, and leaders of the Caldwell Banker office where she worked released a statement bemoaning her death and remembering her as a kind woman who cared for her co-workers and clients alike.

“We’re still in shock and our hearts and thoughts go out to Lorraine’s family and real estate team during this horrible time,” Marilyn Green, the office’s principal managing broker, told the Issaquah Reporter. “Lorraine was one of the nicest people we’ve ever known – so kind and warm-hearted. She was one of our top producers, and served her clients without fault. We have been hearing from so many clients who are in tears over this tragedy. It is a huge loss for so many and Lorraine will be greatly missed.”

It was not clear if Matthew Ficken had a known history of mental illness prior to the murder of his parents.