Rita Ora Changes Her Phone Number To Avoid Her Exes

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

Rita Ora has no time for her former boyfriends and flings in 2019. The singer and actress recently hinted that she changed her phone number in order to avoid all of her past love interests that she no longer wants to mess with going into the new year.

According to a January 19 report by the Daily Mail, Rita Ora revealed that she made the decision to change the number she’s had for a long time as apart of her new year’s resolutions, and even joked that nobody has been texting her.

“I have had the same phone number for a really long time and I finally changed my number. Now I’m like, ‘No one is texting me,’ but it feels really good actually. I feel like I’ve had a big cleanse. It’s weird but I did it,” Ora stated.

The Fifty Shades Freed actress also revealed that she likes the fact that she holds all the power now, revealing that she will only give out the number to those people she really wants in her life, and feels good about talking to.

“I now have the power of who I want to bring into my life and the energy that I want and who I want to talk to,” Rita said, adding that she did freak out a bit when she decided to change the number she’s had for so long.

As many fans may remember, Ora has dated some of Hollywood’s biggest names such as Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, and Blac Chyna’s ex, Rob Kardashian. She’s also hooked up with James Arthur, and has been connected to many others.

Currently, Rita Ora is rumored to be dating former Spider-Man star, Andrew Garfield, who has most famously dated actress Emma Stone in the past. The pair have not confirmed their romance, but sources have spilled some details about their alleged romance to the media.

The Sun reports that Rita and Andrew’s relationship is very new, but that Ora has told her closest friends about the romance.

“Rita let slip to pals about her brewing romance about a month ago,” a source stated.

However, the insider also claims that over the past couple of weeks, Ora and Garfield’s relationship has been heating up, and Ora is telling her pals that she thinks the romance may be the “real deal.”

“It is still very early days but they like each other and are seeing what happens. Their schedules make things difficult but they have a real connection,” says the source.

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