‘The Challenge’ Star Paulie Calafiore Tweets Bizarre Rant


Paulie Calafiore is definitely the new player to watch on MTV’s The Challenge franchise. With one season under his belt, the Big Brother alum somehow became the villain and the series’ newest bad boy on and off the screen. Paulie garnered a lot of hate online after it was revealed he was two-timing Danielle Maltby and Cara Maria Sorbello and there were text messages to prove it.

After Paulie’s breakup with Cara became very public, the Challenge newcomer began speaking out on social media about growth, mental health, and how to better oneself. It was a movement not a lot of people were buying, fans and cast members alike. Now the reality star has shared a new tweet online which is confusing and annoying users.

“Perfection is a rare thing. Confirmation bias is a real thing. Demonization is a real thing. Hypocrisy is a real thing. Arbitration and third party perspectives no longer exist,” he tweeted.

The tweet was accompanied by a screenshot of a rant he had posted to his Instagram story earlier in the day. While it’s not evident which particular people Paulie was talking about in said rant, it was suggested by fans he was talking about other Challenge competitors.

“I love seeing people who crumble when they receive hate online spew hate on situations they know nothing about. I love seeing people with their own mental health issues comment on their perception of others mental health issues. I love seeing people who refuse to work on themselves comment on how others should work on themselves. I love seeing people who are alone in their 60’s comment on how people should work through their relationships. I love seeing hypocrisy at its finest,” he wrote.

The comment section on the tweet immediately filled with hate from Challenge fans, many of which were begging for the reality star to go away.

“You forgot one: I love seeing a sociopath playing the victim,” a user tweeted.

There were no responses from the Challenge cast at this time, although they have spoken out about the new bad boy recently on Twitter for other reasons.

“I can’t get sucked down the Paulie twitter rabbit hole, but if y’all want to read some funny stuff…@johnnybananas is on fire tonight,” former Challenge cast member Tori Hall tweeted earlier in the week.

Johnny Bananas and Paulie have gone back and forth with one another several times since Season 32 of The Challenge and the pair show no sign of stopping.

Since Paulie receives tons of hate online, it’s not shocking that he chose to speak out against those who have judged him. However, given his last stint on the Challenge and his womanizing ways, not too many people care for his righteous posts these days.

The Challenge: War of the Worlds will feature Paulie and debuts on February 6 on MTV.