Jinger Duggar Vuolo Stirs Up Pregnancy Speculations Over Tea Sipping And Baby Holding


There are speculations going around that Jinger Duggar Vuolo may be hiding something. Fans are wondering if she could possibly be pregnant with her second child after a couple of photos popped up on social media recently. There always seems to be a baby bump watch put out for all the Duggar women any time after they get married. Now that Jessa Seewald is expecting baby No. 3, there could be another one on the way in their family as well. At least that’s what a few people are wondering about.

There could very well be a surge of babies in the Duggar family coming up and fans think that Jinger could be the next one to make an announcement. Despite her daughter only being 7-months-old, that doesn’t seem to stop the rumors from swirling around social media. What could possibly be the reason that these speculations started in the first place? It all has to do with a cup of tea and the way Jinger holds her baby girl in recent photos.

It all started this past week when the Duggar daughter’s husband, Jeremy Vuolo, posted an Instagram snapshot of his wife relaxing in a chair reading a book. However, it was what she was holding in her hand that was the culprit. Jeremy mentioned in the caption that Jinger loves to curl up with a good book and a cup of tea. The fact that she is sipping on tea instead of coffee brought on the pregnancy speculations.

Duggar fans were quick to note that the 25-year-old reality star is a lover of coffee, but since she is drinking tea instead, she just has to be pregnant, right? They also caught a couple of other pictures that had Jinger holding Felicity in front of her. They think that this is a huge hint that she is trying to hide a baby bump. Of course, it could be that she just wanted to show off her daughter front and center for the snapshot, but you just never know. Another curious photo surfaced on Instagram, as In Touch Weekly pointed out, of Jinger holding Felicity the exact same way while she and Jeremy were in Georgia for a conference.

After a photo was posted of Jessa Seewald in December, many fans thought they spotted a small baby bump underneath an oversized Christmas sweater. However, that pregnancy speculation actually was true. She announced just a couple of weeks after Christmas that she and Ben are expecting another baby this spring.

If Jinger Duggar does happen to be sporting a baby bump, she is sure to let everyone know when the time is right. In the meantime, you will be able to see how she and Jeremy are faring as first time parents on TLC’s Counting On, which begins on February 11.