Two-Year-Old Boy Remains Trapped In Well After Nearly A Week

Two-year-old Julen Rosello was exploring a private estate in Totalán, Málaga Spain with his parents when he fell at least 30 stories down a deep well on the property. The toddler reportedly wandered away from his parents during a picnic and fell down the hole, which is only about 10 inches wide. Despite tireless rescue efforts from volunteers, firefighters, and emergency workers, they have not yet been able to rescue the boy. He had remained in the well for six days without food or water. Although the outlook appears bleak, his parents refuse to give up hope of finding their child alive, according to NBC News.

Because of the difficult terrain, rescue workers have had to bring in high powered equipment to drill tunnels in an attempt to rescue Julen. Although they had hoped to reach him by Friday, they came across a blockage that set them back a few days at least. The tragic story quickly gained global recognition as thousands of people held vigils for the toddler and offered support to his parents. The family has already suffered far too much heartbreak, having lost their 3-year-old son in 2017 to health complications.

“We are incredibly motivated to reach him as soon as possible. We’re not bothered by the hours, the tiredness or the lack of sleep,” Angel Vidal, the lead engineer overseeing the rescue, said on Saturday.

“We are hopeful that we will reach him as soon as possible and bring him back to his parents.”


There have been no signs of life from Julen, but rescuers did find a few pieces of hair that matched his DNA and a small candy box he’d been carrying at the time he fell. Emergency workers hoped that a robotic camera would be able to provide further insight into the boy’s exact location, but even it was too big to get through the tunnel, only making it 229 feet below the surface. For now, they are only going off of determination and hope that he will be found alive, according to People.

Neighbors of the Rosellos say that the family is crushed and describe the situation as a “living nightmare.” The child’s father, Jose Rosello, spoke to reporters on Wednesday to express his heartbreak and steadfast focus on hope. “My wife is broken. We are dead inside. But we hope we have an angel to get my son out of there,” he said.

On the roadside near where the rescue efforts are taking place hangs a handmade sign reading, “Be strong, Julen. Totalán is with you.”