Drunk Man Engages In ‘Simulated Sex Act’ With Ambulance


Devon, England – A drunk man attempted to have sex with an ambulance during a confrontation with police.

Authorities said that 25-year-old Callum Ward began pressing himself against the hood of the emergency vehicle in what appeared to be a “simulated sex act.” According to the Telegraph, the suspect had ingested quite a bit of alcohol, marijuana, and amphetamines prior to his arrest.

Ward was allegedly seen setting fire to a package of peanuts inside a phone booth before police arrived on the scene. Once the bag was ablaze, the man began punching the offending snack. Officers described the man as being in “relatively high spirits.”

Gizmodo explains that Ward then began pestering folks before getting randy with the ambulance. The emergency vehicle was parked in front of a bus station when Ward began “pressing” himself against the vehicle.

One of the officers said of the incident:

“It looks as though he is attempting to make love to the front of the ambulance.”

Police discovered that Ward was carrying marijuana and amphetamines after they performed a quick search. Ward was arrested and carted off to jail for his actions. He was later found guilty of possessing Class B drugs and being drunk and disorderly.

This is Devon reports that officers originally gave Ward the option to head home and sober up. However, their offer was pulled from the table after the suspect began swearing at and insulting police.

In addition to having to pay a fine of £60, Ward will have to perform six months worth of community service for his unusual encounter with the ambulance. Although Ward admitted that he had taken drugs on the night in question, he said he has since learned from his mistakes.

Although getting drunk and attempting to have sex with an ambulance landed him in deep trouble, Ward’s sentence wasn’t nearly severe as the one handed down to Robert Stewart in 2007. BBC News explains the 51-year-old man was sentenced to three years on the Sex Offenders Register for simulating intercourse with his bicycle.