Supermodel Olivia Culpo Gets Bossy, Flaunts Legs & Thighs In Lace-Up Leather Boots

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American supermodel and actress Olivia Culpo has become something of a star in the fashion and entertainment businesses, projecting her cool and professional charm everywhere she chooses to go. With an Instagram following in the millions — 3.6 million to be exact — it’s clear that the raven-haired knockout has carved out a wide niche for herself in the public imagination.

In her latest Instagram snapshot, Olivia Culpo can be seen staring down the camera with a coy, knowing smile as she invited her audience to “step into my office.” Seated at a luxurious looking vanity complete with soft white illumination and high-end cosmetics, it’s clear that the brunette bombshell is wholly in her natural element.

Clad in a little black dress with a plunging neckline and a striking pair of bright white lace-up boots — boots complete with a high, chunky heel — it looks like Olivia is blending both business and pleasure for this ensemble. A high hem for her dress means that the majority of her thighs are exposed in the process, and the slim, fitted cut of the boots mean that her naturally slender legs are further emphasized.

Olivia wears her signature chestnut tresses cut short and styled straight, with a dramatic side part. Perfectly sculpted eyebrows and a hint of smoky eyeshadow draw the audience’s attention to her playful gaze. A bit of rouge can be seen gracing her cheeks, and she accessorizes with a simple pair of silver-finish earrings.

Brightly-lit sconces can be seen in the mirror’s reflection, with more beauty products displayed dramatically within them. A fashion poster can also be seen at the edge of the photographic frame, along with some pretty purple flowers.

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Step into my office

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It looks like her fans and followers were more than willing to accept her invitation to come-hither, awarding her most recent Instagram image over 33,000 likes in less than an hour of it having been posted. Over 200 individual users took the time to pen her a brief note in the comments section, with most of the messages being quite complimentary in nature.

One user wrote, “I cut my hair short like this first does that make me a trendsetter?” while another Instagram fan quipped, “I just love short hair on you!!”

While her hairstyle may be capturing the bulk of the attention today, Olivia Culpo has been making headlines most recently for her high profile breakup — and rumored reconciliation — with boyfriend and NFL player Danny Amendola. Per YourTango, the pair’s tumultuous relationship is constantly in question.

“Ever since the former Miss Universe and Miami Dolphins football player started dating two years ago in 2016, they’ve been changing their relationship status back and forth so often that we think we’re probably getting whiplash. It’s hard to ever assume when the infamously indecisive pair are really together because they could be broken up the very next day or hour even.”

It’s not clear if Olivia Culpo is single or still seriously dating Amendola, so her admirers will be keen to see what development comes next for her on the romantic front!