Christie Brinkley Defies Aging In Skimpy Two-Piece Beach Bikini Two Weeks Before Turning 65

Bryan BedderGetty Images

Christie Brinkley is considered by many to be one of the world’s first — and most famous — supermodels. With a career spanning from the 1970s onwards, Brinkley has been the icon of feminine beauty for more than one generation of women. Affable, attractive, and dedicated not only to bettering her body, but bettering the world at large, Christine Brinkley is adored by millions around the world.

It should be no surprise to many, then, that Christie has kept her world-famous figure in tip-top shape — all this despite turning 65 in two weeks. In one of her most recent Instagram shares, one made less than 24 hours ago as of this writing, the blonde bombshell can be seen strutting her stuff against blue skies and clear equatorial waters.

The sky is bright blue, and some light puffy clouds can be seen dotting the horizon. Aquamarine fades to something completely transparent as the water reaches the shoreline, where the legendary supermodel sports a beaming smile. Wearing a tight bikini, one which leaves very little to the imagination, Christie splashes her feet in the water. Her flat stomach and long, lean legs are on full display in this particular image — as are her signature golden tresses. Holding her flip flops in one hand — presumably to keep them dry — and wrestling with her cover-up with the other, it looks like the sea breeze may be playing tricks on her.

Captioning the image with a shout-out for exercise merchants Total Gym Direct and their promotional programming of QVC, Brinkley shows that she is keen on maintaining a healthy lifestyle in order to keep up her iconic appearance. Her legions of fans and long-time admirers gushed over the photo, awarding it nearly 9,000 likes in less than a day of having been posted.

Almost 200 individuals took the time to leave Christie Brinkley a note in the comments section of the two-photo series, with the messages being largely complimentary in nature.

“You are an amazing example of living healthy and joyful!” one user wrote, while another Instagram fan quipped, “beautiful soul, this why you continue to exude outer beauty. I tell our girls that beauty starts from within. You’re an inspiration!”

Christie Brinkley made headlines recently for a revelation that her daughter, Sailor, had suffered a scary encounter upon having first moved to Australia. As People details, Sailor spied two mysterious men stalking a neighbor’s door in her apartment building. Christie recounted the phone call to interviewers.

“The first call I get from her: ‘Mom, Mom, there’s two guys in my door, one is shirtless with a ski mask over his head and they’re hanging on the neighbor’s door.'”

After making sure that Sailor was moved to a more secure residence, Christie says that her daughter is “in a better place” now.