A New NPR/PBS Poll Indicates That Latino Approval Ratings For Donald Trump Have Risen Swiftly Since December

Martin H. SimonGetty Images

While it may seem incredible, a new poll has indicated that Latinos are supporting Donald Trump more than ever today, with the numbers for their support shooting up markedly since December.

According to Fox News, a new poll — from NPR, PBS, and Marist College — has shown that a full 50 percent of Latinos in the United States approve of the job that Trump is doing, and this number has shot up dramatically by 19 percent since last December, demonstrating that the partial federal government shutdown may not have upset this group of Americans too much.

On Saturday’s episode of Fox & Friends, Republican strategist Gus Portella called the huge increase in Latino support for the president something that he considers “very important.” Suggesting that Donald Trump has fought long and hard to fix the previously low employment rate of Latinos, Portella noted that the new poll was proof that the Latino community was getting behind the president more and more.

The recent survey showing increased Latino support for Trump was conducted between January 10 and January 13, 2019. The poll is particularly noteworthy, as it was not — in any way — a conservative poll, as was noted on Fox & Friends. Portella suggested in a statement on the show that Democrats have not been nearly as helpful as Republicans have been towards Latinos, and that Latinos may be finally waking up to this fact.

“Latinos are waking up to the sham that is the message that the Democratic Party has had towards Latinos. This president has taken historic strides to help the Latino community. Look, you see unemployment numbers around the country for the Latino community are at a historic low, you see job creation for the Latino community is at a historic high, and so you’re seeing that these communities are truly benefiting from this and obviously are giving Donald Trump a little bit more of a bump in the polls.”

Besides showing the increase in the Latino approval rating for Donald Trump, the new poll also demonstrates that 63 percent of Americans would like to see politicians compromise more, while 31 percent said that they would much rather politicians “stick to their positions,” without making great compromises.

Portella is of the opinion that Trump could slip into both of these categories depending upon the situation but stated that now that the president has made it clear that he is willing to compromise, the Democrats are refusing to come to the negotiating table and do the same.

As far as the greatly increased support that Latinos have for Donald Trump, Portella simply explained, “Democrats have not lived up to their word.”