Kate Hudson Shares Controversial New Photo Of Gorgeous Baby Rani Rose

Actress and entrepreneur Kate Hudson posted a new pic of Baby Rani Rose on Instagram as the two of them snuggled on a lazy Saturday morning. But she likely had no idea that it would generate controversy.

Hudson and boyfriend Danny Fujikawa welcomed Rani Rose in October 2018. The mom of two boys, Ryder and Bingham, Hudson was thrilled to become a mom of a little girl. She's the first child for Fujikawa and the couple hopes to have more in the near future.

Ever since Rani Rose was born, Hudson joyfully shared oodles of photos of her darling daughter, along with photos of the entire clan. Fans adore the little girl and all of the fun outfits Hudson dresses her in.

When Rani Rose turned three months, Hudson gussied her up in a precious floral red onesie with a matching red headband. For their Saturday morning cuddles, Hudson dressed Rani Rose in another floral patterned winter onesie and cream colored socks. She nestles comfortable in Hudson's arms as she takes a bottle. Both of them are propped up by a plethora of fluffy white pillows.

"We love a onesie," Hudson posted.

Hudson's wearing a one-piece olive green jumper and matches her baby girl. They're the cutest pair!

Her Instagram followers fell in love all over again with Rani Rose when they spied this peaceful, serene photo on their feed.

"Congrats sweet lady!!!! It's the most wonderful thing to be a mommy!!!! Enjoy every sec!!!!" posted @vcknyc.

Her fans were full of compliments and gushed over Rani Rose.

"I love your precious photo. 'Blessings, Love & Life to its Fullest' awwww," wrote @lavinakofron.

A few moms gave her some welcomed advice.

"The most beautiful moments ever. They change so far. Try not to hold on too tight, but tight enough they know they're loved," shared @cynthia_macphee.

Sadly, not all of the comments were appreciated. A number of Instagram followers chastised Hudson for bottle-feeding her baby, even though she has shared photos of herself nursing Rani Rose before.

Instagram user @degardinaurelie claimed that her job is to "fight failed breastfeeding," something she assumed had happened to Hudson because she was using a bottle this time instead of nursing Rani Rose.

"I'm a working mom and I know a baby bottle is bad! I use a cup!" she wrote.

Jen Cruz called @degardinaurelie out for her presumably insensitive comment.

"Wow you are what's wrong with this world. Apparently, your way is the only way and if not, someone is a mistake of nature. What a sad response. I breastfeed by exclusively pumping for 10 months because of my work schedule and I'm damn proud of myself. You should be ashamed of yourself for being so close minded and shaming others!" Cruz posted.

Carla Gagniere chimed in, too.

"Parents can feed their babies however they want. Breast, pumped bottles, formula. Fed is best," she said.

Hudson probably had no idea that her peaceful photo of her beautiful baby girl would take such a detour, but regardless, it's still a sweet pic of a special moment.