Marshawn Lynch Fires Back At Donald Trump For Calling Him Disrespectful: 'That Motherf***er Say A Lot Of S**t'

Marshawn Lynch isn't up for taking any criticism from Donald Trump, and he's letting the president know it in his own colorful way.

Lynch had been one of a handful of NFL players who consistently took a knee during the national anthem in protest of police brutality against minorities. That made him a target for Donald Trump, who took aim at Lynch and in a tweet called the running back "disrespectful."

As reported, Lynch has now responded. Appearing on HBOs Real Time with Bill Maher, Lynch said that he doesn't take Trump's criticism too seriously and added that it's far off base. Lynch noted that he's very active in his community, helping to make it a better place and to hold himself up as a role model.

"That motherf—er say a lot of s—," Lynch said. "You call me unpatriotic but you come to the neighborhood where I'm from and you'll see me take the shirt of my back and give it to someone in less need, what would you call that?"

Marshawn Lynch has been very active in his native Oakland, buying real estate in low-income neighborhoods to protect against gentrification.

"I started to buy up some real estate in the area where I grew up at in order to give people an opportunity for housing," he said.

Marshawn Lynch is not the only athlete to speak up to Donald Trump, as the president has frequently taken aim at African-American athletes who publicly criticize him. LeBron James, who is also very active in his community and even started a school that will fully cover college tuition for its graduates, said last year that he also doesn't take Trump's criticisms too seriously after the president insulted his intelligence on Twitter.

James said he knows what Trump says is not true, but is bothered that he takes the time to pick fights with athletes rather than leading the United States.

"That's like somebody saying I can't play ball," James told the Hollywood Reporter. "That doesn't bother me at all. What bothers me is that he has time to even do that. He has the most powerful job in the world."

Marshawn Lynch has generally remained largely quiet politically, making his response to Donald Trump out of the norm. But he has also been known for using very colorful language, so the manner in which he responded wasn't seen as all that unusual.