Emily Ratajkowski Goes Topless In Sultry New Instagram Photo

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Emily Ratajkowski shared a new topless selfie on Instagram, which was censored with a couple of blurry pixels and her right hand. The photo showed the model playing with her hair with her left hand, as her right eye was covered by the hair. She looked straight at the camera, wearing mascara and glossy lipstick. Fans let her know, “I love you,” “Beauty,” and “just gorgeous ahh”. Meanwhile, Emrata is keeping fans updated on her personal page, where she recently shared a photo of herself going braless in an unbuttoned shirt dress. Her Instagram Stories also revealed that she’s on a plane en route somewhere.

The Inamorata swimwear appears to be taking off, with many previously sold-out items back in stock. The bikinis are sold for $75 each for the tops and bottoms, while the one-pieces are sold for $160. The exception is the “Vulcan” top, which goes for $80. The collection features risque cuts, with most pieces offering a thong-cut bottom. They come in a variety of colors and patterns depending on the style, with the most options available for the Orpheus top and bottom. These come in a variety of solid colors as well as snakeskin, polka-dot, and leopard-print patterns.

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The Inamorata Instagram feed is filled with photos of Emily posing in her own creations, but also of fans modeling the pieces too. Plus, the model shares vintage pictures that inspire her. Most recently, Ratajkowski posted just a body shot of a fan wearing the Las Olas in red. The user that was tagged in the photo, @marleenmuhuste, appears to be a freelance photographer, so it’s hard to know who the model was.

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Las Olas ???? @marleenmuhuste

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Previously, Emily spoke with Vogue about the design thought-process that went into her Inamorata line.

“My waist, and for women in general, that is the thing that you want to accentuate the most, and sometimes it can be really hard. In a one-piece, there is nothing that is cinching your waist, so it was important to have something that was flattering in that way.”

The model-designer also talked about her fascination with vintage looks, which is reflected in her social media feed.

“I was looking at an old Sports Illustrated from the ’70s, and there was a painted swimsuit on a model’s body and it was just belted,” she says. “I was obsessed with the idea [of a belt.]… I thought that was so pretty and such a nice way to show the figure. I loved the idea of turning it around.”

And so far, Emily’s modern vision has fans scrambling to buy the latest pieces. While it’s likely a slower season for swimsuit shopping right now, it’s likely to pick up in the coming months.