WWE Rumors: Current ‘SmackDown’ Star Actually Warns Two Big Free Agents About Signing With WWE


There has been a lot going on in the world of professional wrestling so far in 2019, but it’s just getting started. As fans wonder where free agents will end up with the creation of All Elite Wrestling, some are going to WWE, NJPW, and Ring of Honor. Now, there are still free agents out there and looking to sign with a new promotion, but two of the top indie stars were just warned by one superstar about going to WWE.

This past week, top lucha indie wrestler Rush signed with Ring of Honor, and as reported by the official ROH site, he has big plans. Rush doesn’t just want to be a part of the promotion, he wants to be the biggest star in all of Ring of Honor.

“For all the fans of ROH, I’m returning one more time, but not just for one date. I’m returning to stay. I’m returning to be the biggest star in ROH. … My new home is called Ring of Honor.”

Rumors had been flying that Rush and another lucha wrestler named Dragon Lee would end up signing with WWE. Lee currently works for CMLL, but if either star had plans on going to WWE, Andrade “Cien” Almas reportedly tried to squash those ideas for the real-life brothers.

Over the past few weeks, Andrade “Cien” Almas has been feuding with Rey Mysterio, and the two have had some great matches on SmackDown Live. WWE has also had his name changed to just “Andrade,” but he’s in the news now for something a bit bigger than that.

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, by way of Wrestling Inc., Andrade actually issued a warning to both Rush and Dragon Lee. The report states that when the two lucha brothers were contemplating signing with WWE, Andrade let them know what he thought of his current employer.

Rumor has it that Andrade told them that “WWE wasn’t what it was cracked up to be.”

After signing with WWE, Andrade had a great run in NXT and even won the NXT Championship before being moved to the main roster. His call-up came in April of last year and he’s had some good runs at times, but then just disappears for a while.

There have been rumors flying around that Andrade was in line for a big push in 2019, but the same speculation was there last year too. Now, he owns a big victory over Rey Mysterio and has been in the spotlight on SmackDown Live for a couple of weeks. If his warnings to Rush and Dragon Lee end up being true, though, it could hurt him in the long run.