Queen Elizabeth Buckles Up In Her Range Rover After Prince Philip’s Accident Near Sandringham

Chris JacksonGetty Images

Prince Philip’s recent accident has put the spotlight on the fact that his wife, Queen Elizabeth, generally travels by car without wearing a seatbelt. Now, after the 97-year-old Duke of Edinburgh walked away from Thursday’s wreck, the monarch was spotted buckling up when out on a ride in her Range Rover.

The Daily Mail reports that HRH has had a change of heart after it was pointed out to her yesterday that seatbelts save lives. Today, as Queen Elizabeth drove out of her Sandringham estate in Norfolk, she buckled into the driver’s seat of her Range Rover. The queen has been called out over the years for not wearing her seatbelt, despite laws in the United Kingdom which require them.

Thursday, Prince Philip’s Range Rover hit a Kia on the A149 in Babingley, Norfolk, and luckily, everyone walked away with just cuts and scratches. The prince is recovering at Wood Farm, but the accident could have been much worse.

“New aerial pictures show Wood Farm on the Sandringham estate where Prince Philip is recovering after the crash. The drone photos reveal the cottage is in a secluded corner of the Royal estate surrounded by fields and trees.”

But there are still questions in reference to Prince Philip’s crash. For instance, should the nearly 100-year-old monarch be driving? The prince was driving alone at the time of the crash, and other Norfolk residents have suggested that he is reckless behind the wheel.

Dr. Robert Davis of the Road Danger Reduction Forum thinks it’s time that the Duke of Edinburgh turned in his license.

“He shouldn’t be driving at 97 – I don’t care if he likes to drive. He has had a crash and should be investigated, charged if necessary and prosecuted.”

But People Magazine says that both the queen and Prince Philip need to send a message to all people, especially senior citizens, that seatbelts are mandatory, and that after a serious accident, everyone needs to be evaluated before getting the privilege of getting behind the wheel again.

Roy Warne, a retired lawyer who was the first person to come upon the accident — and helped free the prince from the wreckage — says that without seatbelts, people could have been killed.

“It was an astonishing escape for everyone,” Warne explained, and that it looked like there “had been extraordinarily severe injuries. But fortunately, the injuries were very light. People could have been killed — the impact must have been enormous.”

Warne said that more than anything, the Duke of Edinburgh was rattled by the crash.

“He was obviously shaken and then he went and asked if everyone else [in the other car] was alright.”