Couple Commits Suicide In NYC Hotel Room, Leaves Big Tip And Note: ‘Don’t Look Behind The Curtain, We’re Dead’

A couple reportedly took their lives inside a Manhattan hotel room, then left a stack of $20 bills and a note for the housekeepers who would find them that read, “Don’t look behind the curtain. We’re dead.”

The incident took place inside the Yotel New York in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood this week, where the unidentified couple rented a hotel room and reportedly arranged to take their lives there. As the New York Post reported, the man and woman were found face-up on the bed with a large, clear plastic bag covering both of their heads and a tube with nitrous oxide feeding into the bag.

They had taped the note to the door with a stack of $20 bills and put a sheet over the door so the view would be blocked, the report noted.

As the report noted, it did not appear to be a spur of the moment action. There was a book about suicide found under the bed with a bookmark on the section about asphyxiation. The couple also had their wills in the room in an envelope.

There have been strikingly similar suicides in New York in past years. As the New York Post reported, a couple who hosted a self-help radio show also took their lives by suffocating themselves with plastic bags and helium in a 2013 case.

Just a few months ago, another person took their life from the room of a New York hotel. In October, a man named Mohammad Torabi leapt to his death from a New York City hotel after his estranged wife allegedly beat their toddler to death. As the New York Post reported, Torabi’s dead body was not found for a full day as he came to rest on top of an air conditioning unit on the building’s third floor.

Shortly before Torabi’s suicide, police arrested his wife for allegedly beating their young children so severely that their 13-month-old daughter, Elaina, was found dead in their apartment. The woman’s attorney later claimed that she was not responsible for the children’s deaths, with reports that she pointed instead to her departed husband.

“Our defense is that Ms. Torabi did not assault any of her children at any time,” Kousorous told the Queens Eagle. “Facts that we have developed thus far certainly support conclusion that Ms. Torabi was not responsible for the injuries.”

Police did not release the names of the couple who took their lives in the Hell’s Kitchen hotel room this week.