Popular Magazine Mistakes Rita Ora For Post Malone & Twitter Can’t Handle It

John Phillips & Joe MaherGetty Images

As Rita Ora’s 14.4 million Instagram followers know, the singer opted to dress up like American rapper Post Malone for Halloween last year. On Halloween, the Fifty Shades of Grey star shared a video clip of herself rocking her rendition of Post Malone.

To date, the video clip has been liked just shy of 500,000 times, with nearly 1,000 people taking time to leave a comment.

According to Buzzfeed News, the Hollywood Reporter published a story a few days ago, revealing that several performers for this year’s Grammys have been announced. In addition to Post Malone, other performers included Cardi B, Camila Cabello, Janelle Monáe, Shawn Mendes, and Dan + Shay.

The Hollywood Reporter opted to feature Post Malone, Cardi B, and Camila Cabello in the headline of their story about the performers being announced. The story also included a featured image that – at first glance – appeared to be a side-by-side collage of the three singers.

Upon closer inspection, many quickly realized the Post Malone in the photo wasn’t actually Post Malone, but an imposter. The individual featured in the pic is actually none other than Ora dressed up as the rapper for her Halloween costume.

Buzzfeed went on to clarify it was an honest mistake – that they had made in the past too – because when you search “Post Malone” on a number of image databases, including Getty Images, Ora dressed up as the rapper is the very first image that comes up.

The Hollywood Reporter shared the story on social media without catching the picture error. Unfortunately for the magazine, it didn’t take long for their 2.93 million followers to notice the glaring mistake.

The understandable mix-up quickly became a joke that many social media users couldn’t help but take a crack at.

While the magazine did delete the tweet with the wrong photo attached to it, it wasn’t until after many had taken a screenshot and reacted to it on social media.

One Twitter user said seeing the mix-up was a “great way to start today.”

Another Twitter user jested that Post Malone should just consider letting Rita impersonate him for all of his music videos since she did such a good job with her Halloween costume.

Many couldn’t help but include the laughing-while-crying emoji several times as they tweeted screenshots of the mix-up.

Some even decided to troll the magazine’s editing team for not doing a better job and catching the mistake.