Ferne McCann Defends Bust & Celebrates ‘Juicy Booty’ After Being Mocked By Trolls

Jeff SpicerGetty Images

Former TOWIE star Ferne McCann lashed out after being body shamed by trolls on lurking among her 2.2 million Instagram followers.

The new mom to her six-month-old daughter received less than friendly feedback on a picture she shared on Instagram last weekend.

The photo being criticized by body shamers featured herself in a vibrant mint green lycra workout outfit kneeling on a chair with arms raised behind her head in a pose that showed off her toned, muscular arms, and lean physique.

Posted nearly a week ago, the photo has since accumulated 42,000 likes and nearly 800 comments. A scroll through the comment section will bring you through a wide array of statements which include Ferne’s fans showering her with support and compliments.

Unfortunately for the TV personality, many of the comments also seemed to be geared toward body shaming the new mom for her flat chest.

The TV personality recently went on her own fitness journey working hard on her own physique and in the process released her new fitness DVD called Fit Like Ferne. The 28-year-old is now the picture of feminine fitness and her latest photos show off lean limbs, a taut midriff, and a toned shapely derriere.

In addition to getting lean and ditching the baby weight, the TOWIE alum also lost some of the weight in her chest. Many were quick to draw attention to the weight loss in her chest in the comment section of the photo.

“Aint being rude ur stunning but you need that boob job,” one user penned.

A second user added: “Flat saggy small boobs not good sign of working out, I’m an trainer, raised three kids always had athletic looking body no over doing it. Skinny image is not a fit image, sorry but true.”

After being flooded with several comments regarding her lack of a chest and need for a breast enhancement, Ferne wasn’t shy about clapping back at the trolls lurking on her Instagram profile.

According to the Sun, McCann took to her Instagram Story to rant about those leaving nasty comments on her photo.

“I ask you guys to caption this and there are a lot of comments saying ‘flat-chested’, ‘ironing board’, ‘t*ts…gone. It actually makes me laugh. Yeah, I’m not going to lie, in that pose that I’m doing you can’t actually see the t*ts. You see my boobs look much better from a front-on angle, especially when I’m wearing a push-up bra. Breast-feeding Sunday for six months, she did suck the living daylights out of them,” she said as she ripped into the online trolls.

She went on to add that having a baby and breastfeeding did change her chest and she did appreciate all the concern her Instagram followers expressed for her and her bust.

“It’s a good, good thing that not all men are boob men.”

She added as she concluded her rant, “It’s a good job I do lots of squats and I’ve got a nice juicy booty…so suck my t*ts.”

McCann didn’t let the negativity stop her from continuing to treat her 2.2 million followers to several additional photos of herself rocking a sports bra and work-out bottoms as she continued to flaunt her fit physique.