Lady Gaga Probed By Dancers During Steamy Las Vegas Performance

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

The ever-iconic Lady Gaga shocked audience members with a very steamy display during a recent concert in Las Vegas.

Known for her shock-and-awe antics, Lady Gaga is never short on ideas for captivating the eyes of her Little Monsters around the world. This past week, Gaga proved her merit again with a jaw-dropping sexy performance during her Las Vegas residency show.

Gaga’s Las Vegas show, titled Enigma, went off without a hitch Thursday night, with a full audience in the Park MGM. The show, which does go through minor changes and rearrangements from time to time, recently added a segment that definitely had some jaws hitting the floor.

During one portion of the show, while performing the song “Aura” from the singer’s 2013 album titled Artpop, Gaga was surrounded by various masked dancers who pretended to probe her with large, phallic, metal objects. The scene started with Gaga laying on a metal platform, as her dancers wove around her, carrying these large probing devices.

The Golden Globe-nominated singer donned a lime green and black lace-up bustier corset with matching knee-high boots. The ensemble showed off plenty of skin. She finished off the look with a pale blue wig that she had styled in long, low pigtails.

In photos (and a video clip) obtained and published by the Daily Mail, Gaga was poked and probed by the dancers in different areas of the body during the course of her performance.

There was even one steamy moment where one of the masked dancers suggestively probed Gaga between her legs. Lady Gaga responded to the probing by bouncing up and down, shaking, gyrating, and putting on what some described as a “sexually charged” display during the performance.

The lyrics of the song Lady Gaga was singing during this steamy display only added to the sexual overtone of the performance.

“Do you wanna see me naked, lover? Do you wanna peek underneath the cover? Do you wanna see the girl who lives behind the aura, behind the aura?”

The routine quickly ended, with Gaga crawling toward the edge of the stage suggestively on her hands and knees, before quickly launching into another piece in the show.

Lady Gaga’s residency shows in Las Vegas began back in December and will run on and off through next November.

Along with her successful Las Vegas show in full swing, the singer, songwriter, and actress is currently collecting her fair share of awards and recognition for her recent Golden Globe-nominated role as Ally in the 2018 hit, A Star is Born. Gaga starred alongside the film’s director Bradley Cooper. She also took home an award during the Globes for her musical hit from the film, “Shallow,” for Best Original Song.

Rumors are floating around that Lady Gaga may also have an Oscar coming her way as well for her song “Til it Happens to You” from The Hunting Ground.