Jayme Closs Receiving Gifts, Donations From Across The Country After Her Miraculous Escape From Captivity

Jayme Closs has received support from across the country after her miraculous escape from captivity last week, with well-wishers flooding her with gifts and donations.

Last week, the 13-year-old Wisconsin girl was able to escape from a remote cabin where she had been held since the murder of her parents in October. Police said she was able to make it out when her alleged captor left the cabin, and she ran to alert a neighbor, who called the police and brought the girl to safety.

The exact details of what happened to the teen during the 88 days she spent in captivity remain a bit of a mystery, but police have praised her bravery in escaping. The man police say kidnapped Jayme, 21-year-old Jake Patterson, is also accused of killing her parents. Police said Patterson was not known to the family, and it was not clear why he targeted Jayme.

In the week since her escape, Jayme has received support from people across the country. As USA Today reported, the teen forced to spend Christmas in the cramped basement of a squalid cabin now has hundreds of gifts thanks to a campaign to help support her in the difficult time. As the report noted, officials set up a post office box in nearby Rice Lake so people could send packages or donations to the girl, and a family friend who picks up the mail said the box has been overflowing.

Others have found different ways to give back to Jayme Closs. One Facebook fundraiser took in more than $50,000, while a GoFundMe campaign set up by one of Jayme's cousins had already taken in more than $30,000.

There could still be one more sizeable sum on the way for Jayme Closs. The husband of the woman who first called 911 after Jayme's escape said he believes the teen should be entitled to the $50,000 reward that police were offering for information that led to finding her. As Fox News reported, Peter Kasinskas responded to reports that he and his wife should receive the money by saying that the teen was actually more deserving. Kasinskas said it was actually Jayme Closs who did the work to escape, and added that he was not interested in taking the reward money.

Those who want to donate to Jayme Closs can send donations to Sterling Bank or mail gifts to:

Light the Way Home for Jayme ClossP.O. Box 539Rice Lake, WI 54868