‘B&B’ Recap For Friday, January 18: Will Asks Katie & Bill If They Love Each Other, Hope & Sally Hug

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

The Bold and the Beautiful recap for Friday, January 18 features Hope Logan (Annika Noelle), who was furious with Sally Spectra (Courtney Hope) for bringing her a puppy after her daughter died. Sally tried to explain that she did not think that the puppy would replace Beth. She told Hope that when their parents abandoned them as children, a puppy had helped them through it. Hope lashed out and said that their situations were completely different. She ordered Sally and the puppy to leave the room and fell onto the bed crying.

Sally joined Wyatt Spencer (Darin Brooks) and told him that he was right that she should not have gifted the puppy to Hope. He tried to calm his girlfriend down and told her that he understood that she meant well. Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) also reassured Sally before rushing to be by his wife’s side. Hope told Liam that Sally thought she could replace Beth with a dog, per Soap Central. Liam understood his wife’s feelings and affirmed them. He also told her that he was also hurting. However, when Liam tried to explain Sally’s position, Hope told him not to defend her. Liam held Hope as she cried her heart out.

At Katie’s (Heather Tom) house, Will (Finnegan George) informed Bill Spencer (Don Diamont) that he had signed his father up to speak to his class about his career. Bill said that Katie had a more exciting job, but Katie pointed out that he had already asked his father. Thorne Forrester (Ingo Rademacher) said that Bill loved to talk about himself, which Bill could not deny.

Donna Logan (Jennifer Gareis) brought up the fact that as a designer Thorne worked with beautiful women every day. Thorne said none of them were as beautiful as Katie who said, “You see why I love this guy?” Bold and the Beautiful viewers saw how Will then asked his mother, “You love Dad too, right mom?”

Hope and Liam came out of the bedroom. Hope apologized to Sally and said that she needed all the support she could get right now. Sally told her that she did not need to apologize. She said that she only wished she could take Hope’s pain away. Hope and Sally hug.

Later, after Will’s favorite ice-cream for dessert, Bill asked Will if he would like to sleep over at his house. When Will asked permission from his mother, Thorne reminded him that he was going to the new skate park with him in the morning. After thinking about it, Will asked if they could go to the park at a later date. Thorne agreed. Throughout the evening, Donna took note of Thorne’s demeanor as if she sensed that he was just putting up a happy facade.

Will asked Bill if he still loved his mother. Bill replied that he did and that Katie was a wonderful mother. Will then asked Katie the same question. Katie also replied that she did and that Bill was a good father and that he worked hard. Thorne entered the living room and leaned back when he saw the trio hugging.

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