Jenelle Evans Says She & David Eason Are ‘Stressed’ Following Latest Drama

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans says that she and her husband, David Eason, are under a lot of stress at the moment with all of the drama going on in their lives right now.

According to a January 18 report by Hollywood Life, Jenelle Evans told the outlet all about the pressures of her life at the moment, which include allegations against David Eason, and drama with her boyfriend, Nathan Griffith.

“Me and David are doing fine. We are a little stressed from all the negative media lately but that’s something we always deal with,” the Teen Mom 2 star revealed.

Most recently, a woman accused David of pulling a gun on her and chasing her down when she pulled into the driveway of the home that he shares with Jenelle.

The woman, North Carolina real estate agent Sandra Britt, opened up about the scary situation. She revealed that Eason began to scream and cuss at her when he saw her and revealed that she needed to leave his “lane,” allegedly calling her a “f***ing b***h.”

“Then I noticed on his hip he had some kind of a big pistol and he put his hand on it. He said, ‘I have a gun here, and I will use it and I will shoot you. You come back up here and I will shoot you!’ Then he started to do donuts in the dirt with his truck and off he went,” Sandra revealed of the moment David went off on her.

Sandra then revealed that she rushed to a neighbor’s home nearby out of panic and to ensure her safety. The neighbor then told her that Eason has been a “nightmare” for those who live around him.

“After he finally drove away I got out of the car and knocked on the neighbor’s door because I was scared and I didn’t know what he was going to do. One neighbor answered and I told her what happened and she said, ‘Oh honey, our life is a nightmare down here, with this man.'”

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, David Eason has already been fired from Teen Mom 2. However, Jenelle Evans may soon be gone as well. In a newly released trailer for the season, the reality star tells her mother that it will likely be her last season on the show, and that she’s “done” with the series.

Fans can see more of Jenelle Evans’ life by watching Teen Mom 2 on Monday nights on MTV.