Rachel Childs Allegedly Posed As Her Non-Existent Autistic Twin Sister, Tried To Sexually Assault Caregiver

Police say 29-year-old Rachel Childs took out an advertisement for someone to care for her non-existent twin sister suffering from autism, then pretended to be the disabled sister as she tried to sexually assault a caregiver.

The incident happened in Pearland, Texas, where police said Childs solicited a private caregiver who would care for the woman’s twin sister. As the New York Post reported, Childs told the caregiver to “take the autistic twin sister to her home and then return her the next morning.”

As Pearland Police said in a statement, the “sister” engaged in sexually oriented conduct toward the caregiver during the stay at the caregiver’s home. At that point, the unnamed caregiver grew suspicious as the behavior “did not reflect that of someone who was autistic.”

“As a result, the caregiver investigated and determined that Ms. Childs was an only child and contacted the Pearland Police Department,” the department said in a statement.

Police determined that Rachel Childs had concocted the scheme for sexual gratification, and she turned herself in to police.

There was a similar case in Arizona last year, where police said 31-year-old Paul Menchaca pretended to have Down syndrome and arranged for female caregivers to give him baths and even instructed them to “punish” him for soiling his diaper.

Police in Maricopa County arrested Menchaca at his parents’ home after learning of the alleged scheme, KTNV reported. Police say Menchaca took out an ad claiming to be a woman named “Amy” who needed a caregiver for an adult man with Down syndrome. Menchaca allegedly arranged for one woman to assist him, and she reportedly gave him baths and placed him in a diaper on 30 different occasions. Menchaca on at least five occasions told the woman that his genitals were not cleaned well enough and instructed her to clean more, police claimed.

The scheme reportedly fell apart when one of the caregivers spoke to Menchaca’s parents, who told her that he did not have Down syndrome. Menchaca, who worked as an aide in a nearby school district, was arrested on charges of fraudulent schemes and sexual abuse, and the principal of Bogle Junior High School sent a letter to parents informing them of the allegations.

In Pearland, police said they are worried that Rachel Childs may have pulled the same scheme on other private caregivers and asked anyone with information on other potential offenses to contact them.