Poonam Pandey Sex Tape Leak: Explicit Video Shows Up On Model's Instagram Page, Fans Wonder If She Leaked It

Poonam Pandey had a sex tape show up on Instagram this week, and fans aren't sure if it was a leak or a deliberate act.

The Indian actress and model had an explicit video show up on her social media page, an explicit scene with a man reported to be her boyfriend. As DNAIndia reported, the video didn't stay up long before she deleted it, though by that point it had already gotten viral attention and copies of it made their way to other parts of the internet.

It wasn't immediately clear if the sex tape leak was intentional, as the report noted that Poonam Pandey is no stranger to sharing some very racy videos on her social media page. Facebook even deactivated her account due to the content she had shared, the report noted.

"Poonam is not new to controversies like this," the report noted. "The model had earlier shared a video titled, 'Poonam Pandey Private Room' on her Insta page, as a gift for her followers on the occasion of New Year 2019. The video has Poonam walking into a bathtub. She leaves little to imagination as she takes a bubble bath in it."

Poonam Pandey did not address the sex tape controversy, but on Friday she did take to Twitter to share another very racy video. The clip, which was promoting her official app, showed Pandey slowly rising from a couch as she showed off a pair of shorts so revealing that they left her entire backside exposed.

That left many thinking that Poonam Pandey intentionally shared the sex tape in a bid for publicity.

If that was the case, it seems to have worked as Pandey's sex tape has gotten coverage across the internet, with many sharing links to the explicit video. As the DNAIndia report noted, the video appeared to be tied into a promotion of some sort.

"The video which was later deleted was captioned, 'You can have this too. Be the top fan.' Speculations about whether the video was leaked accidentally or if it was another publicity gimmick by Poonam Pandey are rife already," the report noted.

While she may have been hit by other social media platforms for sharing overly sexualized content, it appears that Poonam Pandey has not been disciplined by Instagram for the sex tape that showed up this week. Her Instagram page remains active, with the model also sharing the same racy video she had posted on Twitter.