Buxom Plus-Size Italian Model Laura Brioschi Hits The Beach In Tiny Banana Bikini After Gaining 35 Pounds

Laura BrioschiInstagram

Busty plus-size Italian model Laura Brioschi made waves in 2018 for a number of high-profile interviews, as well as for producing a body-positive music video, “Soy Curvy,” available via YouTube. Aside from these notable milestones in the blonde bombshell’s burgeoning career, she also regularly takes the time to share some sexy and provocative photos to her Instagram account.

In a recent snapshot, Laura can be seen shading her eyes from an intense mid-day sun, casting some shade down so that she might see. Clad in a scanty two-piece string bikini — one which leaves very little to the imagination — the buxom beauty shows off her ample assets and enviable silhouette. A row of beach chairs and attendant umbrellas can be seen in the backdrop, expanding into the distance. Her bikini, with what little fabric it presents, offers up a rather humorous design featuring tiny little bananas against a cherry-red background.

The Italian beauty has styled her signature dirty blonde tresses into a short cut, one that clings to her head in sleek waves. Seemingly wearing very little makeup, except for some foundation, sunscreen, and a nude lip, Laura appears extremely confident in her own skin. With her free hand, she clutches a sun-bleached orange life preserver, which hangs at her hip.

Captioning the sexy, sun-kissed snapshot with an inspiring message calling for confidence for all women — as well as for body positivity — Laura Brioschi continues to make it clear that she’s all for a more progressive view of women’s bodies.

As Liana Jacob of Media Drum World relays, Laura has struggled with eating disorders and body image issues in the past. Fighting with bulimia for most of her life, the Italian model makes it very clear that she knows what it’s like to feel less-than because one can’t measure up to an impossible standard.

“When I turned twenty-one, at the end of my relationship, I managed to lose over seven-pounds after losing my appetite… People started complimenting me because I looked so skinny and beautiful (including my new boyfriend), and that’s when, in order to keep this standard, I decided to start inducing the vomit… At the time I didn’t realise that I was into something that dangerous or to be ashamed of. To be skinny was my absolute priority,” she admitted.

After a long battle with her own self-esteem and with the beauty standards thrust upon her, Laura eventually decided that enough was enough — and that she could become an ambassador for a healthier cause, one of body positivity. As Jacob writes, Laura would go on to develop a healthier relationship with food, and the 5-foot-10-inch model would add approximately 35 pounds to her starting weight of 140 pounds.

“I decided that it’s better to be chubby than sick. Even with men, I finally decided that they had to love me for who I am, curvy or not – but it took me longer to get to that point of balance… I’m very happy about myself now. Bulimia is a disease that stays inside you, it’s latent. You have to be strong and to fight against it.”

It would seem that Laura Brioschi’s legions of ardent admirers agree whole-heartedly with her decision to embrace her natural self — and the curves that come with that. Despite having only been shared less than 48 hours ago, nearly 30,000 Instagram users had awarded her Baywatch-inspired snapshot a like, and several hundred took the time to leave her a complimentary comment.

It looks like Laura is living her best life — and by her rules.