‘Spider-Man’ Aunt May 10-Year Challenge Image Goes Viral With Hilarious Results

Evan Agostini\Dia DipasupilGetty Images

We live in an age of “internet challenges,” which either just go viral of their own accord, or require each participant to nominate a certain number of friends to complete the challenge themselves. The latest one is one of the more harmless challenges that is not resulting in hospitalizations (think eating Tide Pods) or attempting to raise money for worthy causes (the ALS ice bucket challenge).

Instead, at the start of 2019, people are posting images for the “10-year challenge.” For late generation y and early generation z babies, this means digging up awkward teenage photos. Many are captioning the image with inspirational stories about what they have overcome in the past decade, or sharing the changes they’ve undergone.

Celebrities have, of course, jumped in boots and baggage with the challenge, posting their own 10-year challenge photos to their Instagram accounts. One that has caught everyone’s attention was posted by a fan, and not the celebrity themselves.

Aunt May from the Spider-Man universe has been growing steadily younger with each new Spider-Man. As Comic Book reported, someone decided her mysterious age reversal is the perfect subject of a 10-year challenge, taking to Twitter to share photos of Aunt May 10 years apart.

The first image is from 2007, and shows actress Rosemary Harris, who played the role of the beloved Aunt May in Sam Raimi’s movie trilogy alongside Tobey McGuire as the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. She is noticeably older than Marisa Tomei in the second image, taken in 2017, who plays the most recent Aunt May to Tom Holland’s version of the superhero in the Avengers series.

Others responded with comments of their own on May’s apparently miraculous aging, with one fan writing, “The curious case of Aunt May,” and another adding “She’s aged gracefully.”

There was also a third version of Aunt May, sandwiched nicely between Harris and Tomei’s versions of the character, which only thickens the plot of her aging mystery. Sally Field played the character in the 2012 and 2014 remakes of the Spider-Man movies with Andrew Garfield wearing the red latex. The fact that she is also about 20 years between the other two versions of her character in age fits perfectly with the Benjamin Button situation going on here.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is set to hit theaters in July 2019, but fans of the Marvel franchise are still not sure of the final fate of the character after the events of Avengers: Infinity War in which Spider-Man was turned to dust by The Decimation. Marvel studios have already said that the next few movies being released are not necessarily in chronological order.