Monday’s ‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Ryan’s Attack Victim ‘Clinging To Life,’ Chaos Erupts In Port Charles

Frazer HarrisonGetty Images

Some new juicy General Hospital spoilers have emerged regarding the big cliffhanger that viewers got at the end of Friday’s episode. Ryan was planning to kill Carly and Sonny, but a phone call pulled his attention away from the Corinthos couple and over to somebody else. Will his next victim survive this attack, or is Port Charles about to bid farewell to another beloved resident?

As viewers saw on Friday, Lulu found that she just couldn’t let go of this investigation into the serial killer alone. Peter told her that he wouldn’t be publishing her latest proposed angle, but fans know that Lulu can’t walk away once she sets her sights on a story.

When Laura stopped by the office to see Lulu, she mentioned the list of Ryan’s victims she saw “Kevin” with a while back. Laura casually mentioned how there were nine names on there, apparently not realizing that Ryan’s list shouldn’t have been quite that long.

After Laura left, Lulu called “Kevin” and mentioned the discrepancy in the numbers, noting that she’d like to talk with him about it. Naturally, this immediately garnered all of Ryan’s attention and he quickly made his way to the office to see her.

Viewers are used to this kind of cliffhanger now, and with all of Ryan’s previous victims the outcome has been a dead body. Is that what’s on the way for Lulu too? Fans have been worried that actress Emme Rylan’s Lulu might end up being one of Ryan’s victims, but there may be hope for a different result this time.

The new print edition of Soap Opera Digest shares some buzzworthy General Hospital spoilers about this storyline. The magazine lays out how Ryan’s attention shifts from Carly and Sonny to Lulu and then seems to leave the door open that his plan won’t proceed as anticipated.

“Someone close to Laura is left clinging to life after Ryan makes an impulsive detour.”

Actor Jon Lindstrom, who plays the dual role of Kevin and Ryan, notes that Ryan is getting perhaps a little cocky at this point. Will he perhaps think he’s killed Lulu and leave her body in her office, just to later learn that she was still alive? Whatever happens in that office, General Hospital spoilers suggest that this next attack may put the spotlight on his crimes in a way that he can’t scramble to cover.

At this point, the General Hospital spoilers available via SheKnows Soaps only hint at a few teasers potentially related to this. Ryan will be gloating during Monday’s show, but given the SOD teaser, it sounds like he might be getting ahead of himself.

In addition, it seems that viewers might be left hanging again for a portion of the week. Once Wednesday’s show comes, Laura will be doing her best to support Charlotte while Peter is beckoned to the PCPD by Jordan. General Hospital spoilers also note that Nina will have news to share with Maxie while Carly is feeling shattered.

While everybody will have to wait until Wednesday’s show to see it for sure, all of these teasers could certainly relate to a near-death Lulu being found and rushed to General Hospital. Spoilers hint that this storyline will escalate quickly now and that a resolution is likely going to fall into place during the February sweeps period.

Whatever happens with Lulu at Ryan’s hand during the coming week, it’ll spark chaos throughout Port Charles and touch many lives. Will anybody be able to reach Dante to bring him back to town? Will actor Dominic Zamprogna be popping back up again or will this storyline perhaps set the stage for a Dante recast?

Fans are definitely going to be buzzing over all of this in the days ahead and additional General Hospital spoilers should emerge soon. The week of January 21 should be a wild one, and viewers have a lot of great stuff to take in during these next few shows.