January 19, 2019
'Vanderpump Rules' Star Kristen Doute Claims James Kennedy's Mom Once Stole Money From Her To Get Botox

Kristen Doute shared some shocking information about James Kennedy's mom, Jacqueline Georgiou, on a podcast in 2016.

According to a post from The Good Time Tea, the Vanderpump Rules star appeared on The B***h Bible podcast years ago and revealed that Georgiou once drunkenly told her that she robbed a bank and also claimed Kennedy's mom once stole money from her to get Botox.

During the episode, Doute told the hosts that when Kennedy and his family first moved from England to America, they lived in Maine with Georgiou's sister due to their financial hardships. At the same time, Georgiou was working at a bank, and when one of her co-stars went into labor, she allegedly robbed the place.

As the outlet explained, Doute said Georgiou told her she took $28,000 from an open vault, and shortly thereafter, she moved her family to Beverly Hills, California.

As for Georgiou's alleged robbery of Doute, the Vanderpump Rules reality star said that she discovered her former boyfriend's mom had taken money from her after going through her bank statements and learning a substantial amount of money had been spent at a spa on Botox.

Although Doute also gets Botox, she said the spa where the money was taken was not the spa she used. She called the establishment and asked them if her card was on file. In response, she learned that while her card had been used, her name wasn't connected to it.

Instead, she was told by the receptionist, "You called and booked an appointment for your sister Jacqueline and paid in advance."

As for how Georgiou got a hold of her card, Doute said she believed Kennedy's mom took a photo of the card. Then, when confronted about the issue, she first denied it before ultimately admitting it was her and agreeing to make payments over six month for her $400 purchase.

In November of last year, Kristen Doute opened up to the Daily Mail about her hatred for all things James Kennedy.

"I love to take down the bad guy and I will stop at nothing, so sorry James Kennedy!" she said. "He is my target and I will continue to make him my target until all is well in the world. Until girls are no longer called fat and bad names. I just think that he's such garbage. He's such a bad, bad person."

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