'Sports Illustrated Swimsuit' Shares Bloopers Video Of Bikini-Clad Models On Set

The finished product of the Sports Illustrated "Swimsuit" issue is simply amazing with the breathtaking settings, the creative photography, the eye-popping swimsuits – not to mention the gorgeous models – that all combine for a spectacular publication.

It's a multi-million-dollar endeavor with veteran models returning to grace the pages alongside rookies who are thrilled to be a part of the project. The Sports Illustrated "Swimsuit" issue is considered to be the most profitable single-issue magazine franchise in the world, bringing together sports, beauty, and fashion in one issue that people from all walks of life admire.

It doesn't come together quickly but rather is a long drawn-out and meticulously planned publication. There is the casting call, publicity events, runway shows, and other tasks to tackle in the beginning stages. Then finally, it's time for the actual shoot.

The photographers and assistants on the crew make it look easy, considering how beautiful the final project is. But the reality is that almost anything can go wrong - and it often does.

The Sports Illustrated "Swimsuit" issue released a short and comical video on Instagram of some of the models' big bloopers while trying to strike that amazingly perfect pose to be captured by the photographer.

One of the models explains that "it's not as easy as it looks to shoot swimsuits." During one shoot, for example, the model was reclining sexily in the water as the photographer snapped away when a huge wave comes crashing down on her.

"I've got the ocean, the rocks, I got this. Then bam! (A huge wave comes crashing down on her). The entire time I'm thinking, not the makeup not the makeup! The hair is just gone," she said.

Strong winds whipped up oceanside sand and blasted everyone during another photography session. No one could see anything for a moment.

"Sand is very exfoliating," one model jokingly said.

"There was sand in places I didn't know I had," another added. "Even now when I scratch my head, there's sand under my nails."

For another photoshoot, the models and crew arrived on the beach at 6 a.m. The driver accidentally buried their vehicle in the sand, so everyone hopped out and pushed, including the models, as they tried to free the van and keep moving along with their day.

Another model admitted that scaling rocks, being deluged with waves, and having abrasive sand pelt you is a minor inconvenience considering she's being included in the prestigious 2019 Sports Illustrated "Swimsuit" issue.

"This shows you how much I want to do the 'Swimsuit.' I could die, but it's worth it," she said with a laugh.