Sommer Ray Goes For Laughs As She Flaunts Her Curvy Derriere And Bikini Body In Latest Instagram Snap

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Instagram fitness star Sommer Ray has been sharing lots of sexy shots from her time in Indonesia lately, but her latest post is a video that seems designed to give everybody a good laugh. The 22-year-old is known for her stunning physique and gorgeous looks, but this clip shows a different side of her — at least in a sense.

The Instagram post that has all of Sommer Ray’s fans buzzing was posted on Friday, January 18. It is tagged as still being from her time in Bali, Indonesia, and it’s a short video clip. In the clip, Sommer is seen wearing a revealing bathing suit as she lies on the beach at the edge of the ocean. She is surely posing for a photographer here, but a wave comes up and disrupts the shot.

In fact, Ray is left soaked and stunned as the wave rolls right over her. Luckily, Sommer seems to get a big laugh out of this incident, as does the person filming the video clip.

It looks as if the fitness guru scrambles to keep the top of her bathing suit in place as she rolls over and laughs. The cut of the bathing suit is such that it shows off her curvy booty and muscular legs. Ray’s followers don’t get to see a full shot of how the suit looks from the front, but it appears to be fairly modest, with sexy criss-cross straps along the back.

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how life really hits ya sometimes hahahaha

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Ray’s video clip was an immediate hit with her followers. Sommer has nearly 20 million fans checking out her Instagram updates, and in less than an hour of having been posted to her page, this video clip has raked in a whopping 900,000 views. Nearly 3,000 of those fans commented right away, and it looks like they all loved both the clip and her comedic caption.

As the Inquisitr recently detailed, Sommer has already developed a fitness app and a line of athletic wear. She recently revealed that she has swimwear options coming in March, and she is even aiming to add jeans and other non-athletic options down the road.

Sommer Ray has definitely made a name for herself in the world of fitness and Instagram influencing — and her millions of followers love to support all of her efforts. She regularly inspires those who look to her for insight and support, and based on this latest clip, they love seeing a glimpse at this side of her as well. It sounds as if she has a lot of great projects in the works, and people can’t wait to see what she shares with them next.