‘The Masked Singer’: How Are The Singers’ Identities Concealed?

Michael BeckerFOX

The Masked Singer is one of the most talked about shows on TV — and fans are dying to know who the celebrities behind the elaborate costumes actually are — but how have their identities been concealed from fans, and the judges, all this time?

According to Us Weekly, the celebrities that have decided to be a contestant on the show are reportedly not known to anyone behind the scenes. This includes host Nick Cannon, as well as the judges panel of Nicole Scherzinger, Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, and Robin Thicke.

“I’m always genuinely shocked when they do the reveal. The talent are very slick with how they present themselves,” Cannon told the outlet.

Jeong reveals that the stars always have their faces concealed, and so do all the people in their entourages — including their managers, agents, and publicists — to ensure that nobody is recognized.

“Not only are the contestants in masks but their managers, agents and publicists are all in masks, too, because the judges may know them. It’s a combo of American Idol, Password, Jeopardy! and a couple other shows all rolled into one. It’s so unique and unexpectedly heartfelt. It’s wonderfully insane,” Ken revealed.

Meanwhile, Scherzinger says that the show is so great because the mask gives the contestants the level of courage they need to really show off their vocal talents without any judgment or preconceived notions. This can be a wonderful thing, especially for the stars who have real singing chops.

Over the past few episodes, stars wearing costumes such as a peacock, lion, raven, monster, rabbit, and more have wowed viewers and judges. Three stars have already been unmasked.

In week one, NFL star “Downtown” Antonio Brown was revealed to be the man behind the hippo costume, and actor Tommy Chong was unmasked as the pineapple. In week three, former NFL quarterback and Hall of Famer Terry Bradshaw was revealed to be the deer.

Meanwhile, Ken Jeong says that out of all of the judges, Jenny McCarthy is the “sharpest” of all. She has reportedly been throwing out great guesses all season so far, even nailing the pineapple — which she claimed was most definitely either Tommy Chong or his partner in crime, Cheech Marin.

Fans can see more of The Masked Singer when the show airs Wednesday nights on Fox. Newcomers to the show should know that there is a high level of talent and of suspense in the proceedings.