Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino's Wife Gives Update On Prison Stay, Says He's Received 'Thousands Of Letters'

Reality TV star Mike Sorrentino, commonly referred to by his nickname "The Situation," surrendered himself to prison earlier this week. According to his wife, he is doing just fine, People reported.

Lauren Sorrentino took to her husband's Twitter account on Thursday, January 17, to give an update to his 1.35 million followers on his prison stay -- just two days after his sentence began.

"We speak everyday & he's doing great," she wrote, also thanking fans of the Jersey Shore star on his behalf for the "unbelievable outpouring of love & support."

On Tuesday, January 15, the famous actor reported to Otisville Federal Correctional Institution in Otisville, New York. There, he would begin his eight-month prison term for tax evasion, which he was sentenced to in October of 2018.

During his term, Sorrentino will likely spend a considerable amount of time reading and answering fan mail, as his wife revealed he had already received "thousands of letters" from people around the world.

"He won't be able to respond to everyone but wanted to express his gratitude to each and everyone of us," she wrote. "Thank you from both of us; it is truly heartwarming to have this support during this time."

Fans of Sorrentino certainly appreciated the update, as the set of two tweets from Lauren has already accrued more than 10,000 likes in less than 24 hours of having been posted. Dozens have also responded to the posts, sending their well wishes to both Mike and Lauren during such a difficult time.

"I hope you're holding up Lauren!!! I'm so thrilled he's okay and doing well thank you for sharing that alone makes us feel better!" one fan commented.

And while it may seem crazy that the star has already received such a large amount of mail despite only being days into his sentence, it should come as no surprise. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Sorrentino publicly shared contact information to his family, friends, and fans on Twitter the night before beginning his prison stay.
Mike will likely continue to receive fan letters until his release. Radar Online recently revealed the date of his release to be September 13, 2019.

Fortunately for the Jersey Shore star -- as well as his wife and family -- there is a possibility he will not end up serving the entire sentence behind bars.

"On such a short sentence of eight months they will send him to a halfway house for two to three months at the end," federal prison consultant Dan Wise told the news outlet. "Because of who is he, he may even get home confinement."

For now, fans can likely expect to continue receiving updates from Mike's wife via his Twitter account.