Dean McDermott Slams Fans Fat Shaming His Children: ‘What Is Wrong With You People?’

Matt WinkelmeyerGetty Images

While fat shaming is never okay, it’s extremely upsetting when children are involved.

Earlier today, actor Dean McDermott’s wife, Tori Spelling, took to her Instagram account to post a photo of herself, Dean, and their five children — Liam, 11, Stella, 10, Hattie, 7, Finn, 6, and Beau, 1. In the photo, the family appears next to family friend Ian Ziering, his wife, and their two kids at a screening of A Dog’s Way Home.

So far, the photo has already generated a lot of buzz — attracting over 13,000 likes and 600-plus comments. While some of Spelling’s followers commented nice things on what was supposed to be a sweet family photo, there were other users who took the opportunity to fat shame Dean and Tori’s children.

“Child obesity is no joke. Shame on You for allowing them to be unhealthy!!!” one user wrote.

“Why do you let your kids get so fat?” another follower asked.

Once McDermott caught wind of some of the negativity that was beginning to surround the photo, he was quick to play the role of papa bear. He defended his children, while also shaming adults who had the audacity to comment on the children’s weight.

“I am absolutely horrified and disgusted by the comments being left about my children. Body shaming and bullying my children??!! What is wrong with you people??!!”

Luckily, many followers also stood in unison with McDermott — slamming other users who were commenting on the children’s weight and saying that children should be left alone.

“Want to know when kids start hating their bodies? After other people tell them they should. These comments repulse me,” one user commented.

“WTH is wrong with some people? These are kids, so heartless,” one more chimed in.

The fat shaming controversy comes amid news that Tori Spelling is hoping to be a member of the cast of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in one of the upcoming seasons of the show. As the Inquisitr recently shared, Spelling has hired Teddi Mellencamp to be her accountability coach.

One source says that Teddi is incredibly grateful that Tori is willing to be a part of the show, and willing to share her weight loss journey with the world. The same source goes on to say that the reason why Tori is letting her weight loss be aired on the show is because she desperately wants to be a member of the cast.

Spelling thinks that her friendship with Mellencamp can earn her a “friend” role on the show — and she’s hoping that it will transpire into something more in the next season or so. Actress Denise Richards is the latest Hollywood star to join the show, so it definitely doesn’t seem too far-fetched.