‘RHOBH’ Erika Jayne’s Husband Hit With $15 Million Lawsuit For Funds Over ‘Lavish’ Lifestyle

Matt WinklemeyerGetty Images

Star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Erika Jayne’s husband is in hot water after being sued for failure to pay back millions of dollars in loans that he allegedly took out to support the “lavish nature” of his lifestyle. The Blast reports that the well-known lawyer and his law firm Girardi Keese is being sued by Law Finance Group for $15 million in unpaid loans.

The Blast got ahold of court documents showing that Thomas Girardi took out loans in 2015 but hasn’t made a single payment toward the balance.

“It is now apparent that Mr. Girardi’s reputation is exceeded only by the lavish nature of his lifestyle,” the lawsuit says.

The Law Finance Group claims that the money was “used to maintain Mr. Girardi’s lavish lifestyle and to keep his prominent law firm financially afloat.” They said that Girardi took out the money to fund operations at this law firm and promised to use proceeds from his firm as collateral.

The suit says that Girardi originally agreed to use his opulent home, which has been featured in episodes of the Real Housewives, as collateral as well.

In August 2018, according to the lawsuit, the lender and Girardi allegedly entered into an agreement to repay the loan using monthly payments in addition to a $1 million downpayment. The company says that Girardi agreed to pay $5 million by the end of October 2018 in total.

At this point, the lender claims that Girardi has made “hollow promises” and hasn’t paid anything on the total balance. Now, they are claiming he owes $15,151,989 plus damages.

Erika Jayne and Thomas Girardi married in 1999. She opened up recently with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss about keeping a marriage of nearly 20 years fresh, per Bravo.

“You talk, and you communicate and it changes and it peaks and it valleys and it changes and it’s cool but as long as you’re communicating you’ll make it through,” Erika said.

Burruss also pressed her fellow housewives alum on how they keep the sex going after all these years. The 47-year-old singer and author demured on commenting about sex toys, but she did say that you have to work at things to keep the passion alive.

“It’s not the same as it was in the beginning,” Erika said, “because other things take over, compassion, love, empathy, all of that, but that doesn’t mean that you can leave the physical component out of it. You have to still keep that alive.”

Despite that, she says that things are good between the pair and that this marriage is a better experience for both them than their previous marriages.

Girardi hasn’t responded to questions about the lawsuit.