Spoilers For ‘General Hospital’: Lulu Gets Closer To The Truth As Ryan Makes Another Big Move

Craig SjodinABC

General Hospital spoilers for Friday’s show hint that big things are on the way. There is another event slated to take place in Port Charles, with many people gathering to celebrate the launch of Lucy’s travel guide. However, Ryan remains on the loose — and Lulu is not backing off on her investigation into the recent deaths in town. Are these two about to cross paths in a way that will lead to heartbreak?

As viewers saw earlier in the week, Ryan put Carly and Sonny’s names down on his list of targets and victims. He’s tried to convince Ava to leave town with him, but she is held back by the idea of having to leave Avery. Lulu has been pushing hard in her investigation, and she’s been trying to get Peter to let her publish some of her allegations.

Now, it appears that Lulu’s investigative work may once again prompt more violence in Port Charles. However, fans suspect she may be the victim this time.

The latest sneak peek shared on Twitter shows that Lulu will talk with Laura about the ongoing case. She’ll talk about the list of victims that “Kevin” has, and she’ll wonder why Kevin has a list of the people his brother, Ryan, harmed. It sounds as if this may be a reference to the list that Laura saw a while back, rather than the current extended list.

Laura and others are confused by “Kevin’s” strange behavior these days, but so far, nobody has questioned whether Ryan might somehow still be alive — and involved. However, General Hospital spoilers suggest that this revelation may come to someone soon.

Teasers for the week have suggested that Ryan will be claiming another victim. General Hospital spoilers suggest that he may try to target Carly and Sonny, perhaps as they visit Morgan’s grave site. Per the Inquisitr, it’s highly suspected that Lulu may end up in his cross-hairs instead.

Is the show about to get rid of Lulu? Fans have been wondering if she might become his next victim, but then there have been hints that there’s more to come for the character. According to the Inquisitr, one of the latest theories is that perhaps Ryan does attack Lulu, but that she survives. It sounds as if she may end up seriously injured — and likely unable to identify who harmed her.

The show has teased, via Twitter, that there is a jaw-dropping attack coming at Ryan’s hand. In addition, as SheKnows Soaps indicates, Ryan will be gloating during the episode airing on Monday, January 21. Fans may need to brace themselves for a cliffhanger — and it sounds as if Ryan himself may not realize right away that he didn’t fully complete his mission on this front.

If the show heads this route, it certainly opens up a lot of potential storyline angles. There have been numerous mentions of Dante lately, and General Hospital spoilers hint that there’s more on the way in this regard. Ryan is said to get desperate, and perhaps make mistakes, in an effort to conceal the truth about what’s going on. There have been hints that this angle will be wrapped up during the upcoming February sweeps.

Is Lulu going to become Ryan’s next victim — and will she manage to survive? Don’t miss Friday’s episode to see what goes down, and stay tuned for new General Hospital spoilers about what comes next.