'The Challenge: War Of The Worlds' Might Introduce New Contenders Along The Way

Caitlin Albers

MTV has just announced its Season 33 cast for the upcoming The Challenge: War of the Worlds. The new season of the hit reality competition series will be a fresh start for The Challenge which just closed out a trilogy with Final Reckoning late last year. Season 33 will take on the feel of former Fresh Meat seasons, with the cast being half veterans and half newcomers. This time around, the newcomers (known as prospects) are all from other reality series like Big Brother, The Bachelorette, and American Ninja Warrior.

Despite there being 34 contenders listed as of right now, a new tweet from a past Challenge cast member has some fans thinking that will change along the way. Devin Walker has competed on four different seasons of The Challenge and made one appearance on spinoff series Champs vs. Stars. These days, Devin is more known for his feud with longtime veteran Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio but fans won't see that in Season 33, or will they?

After the cast was announced earlier this week, fans began asking where veterans like Tony Raines, Marie Roda, and Devin were this time around. Devin responded.

"For everyone wondering if/why I'm not on #waroftheworlds here's the deal... it ain't over till it's over... @tonyraines and I might have something up our sleeves for ya," he tweeted with a mouthless emoji.

Immediately, viewers on Twitter began wondering what Devin was hinting at, with a few suggesting the tweet meant he and Tony would be joining the cast somewhere throughout the season. Mid-season contestants aren't anything new for The Challenge, as this is a plot line that's been going on for several seasons.

After trolls took over the comment section on Devin's post, the Challenge competitor began responding with some Grade A sass. Some viewers noted they didn't want to see Devin back on the show and were hoping his tweet didn't mean that he was.

Mercenaries have also been a tactic of Challenge producers in a few seasons where old competitors would return to take out a cast member in an elimination challenge. Beating a cast member did not mean they joined the cast, they were just there for one competition only.

To find out how it all plays out, catch The Challenge: War of the Worlds when it debuts on MTV February 4.