Ariana Madix Denies Blaming Editing For Making Tom Sandoval And Tom Schwartz Look Like ‘Idiots’

Charles SykesBravo

Ariana Madix complained about the “Tom and Tom are idiots” schtick on Twitter earlier this week but now, the Vanderpump Rules star is making it clear that her complaints weren’t aimed at the editing team of Bravo TV.

Following a tweet in which she asked why the boys’ storyline can’t “just be real,” Madix is doing her best to shoot down claims of disputes over editing with a series of new tweets.

After a fan tweeted to Madix about her comments, saying that it wasn’t “editing” and noting that the reason viewers like Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz is because they “are idiots,” Ariana wrote on Twitter, “I never said editing, and no they are not.”

In her tweet earlier this week, Madix wrote, “The whole ‘the toms are idiots’ schtick is so old and tired. Why can’t it just be real?”

While Madix didn’t confirm who her tweet was aimed at, if not production, she may have been suggesting it was Lisa Vanderpump herself who was making the boys look incompetent. After all, when a fan tweeted to her suggesting Vanderpump would have never gone into business with them if she didn’t feel they were capable human beings, Madix wrote, “Exactly.”

In another tweet, Madix responded to a fan who suggested Vanderpump and her husband, Ken Todd, were making it seem as if Sandoval and Schwartz weren’t really partners of TomTom.

“I’m so confused they keep making it seem like they aren’t really partners?? But then Lisa is trusting [them] with some stuff?? Like clearly we aren’t getting the whole picture,” the fan wrote.

“No you definitely aren’t,” Madix replied.

While it can’t be confirmed whether or not Ariana Madix’s complaints were aimed at Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd because she failed to mention them by name, it doesn’t seem that there would be anyone else to blame, especially considering she already ruled out the production team, which just so happens to include both Vanderpump and Todd.

If it is Vanderpump and Todd who Madix was referring to, her tweets are pretty gutsy. After all, these are the people who employ both her and her boyfriend, and who have given Tom Sandoval a stake in their new, sure-to-be-successful restaurant, TomTom.

As fans may know, Madix has been working as a bartender at Vanderpump’s SUR Restaurant for the past several years.

Vanderpump Rules Season 7 airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.