‘The Bachelor’ Spoilers: Episode 3 Brings A One-On-One For Colton Underwood And Elyse Dehlbom

Rick RowellABC

Contestant Elyse Dehlbom impressed Colton Underwood during a recent group date, and Bachelor spoilers reveal that she’ll get rewarded with a one-on-one during Episode 3. A new sneak peek for that date has emerged, and it looks as if Colton and Elyse will have a pretty great outing together.

ABC teases that Elyse and Colton will start off their one-on-one by taking a helicopter ride from Los Angeles to San Diego. The Bachelor spoilers detail that the two will land at Belmont Park, an amusement park near the ocean. She will be thrown for a moment when he reveals this is ultimately a group date of sorts, but then a bunch of children arrives and things become more clear.

This date will involve Colton and Elyse hanging out with some kids from a couple of local charities. The Bachelor spoilers reveal that the group will get the amusement park to themselves and everybody will have a blast. A new sneak peek shared by Us Weekly shows that it’s all smiles on this outing as Colton, Elyse, and the kids all make the most of this special event.

As the date plays out, Elyse will admit that she’s a “smitten kitten” with Colton. Dehlbom will also acknowledge that watching Underwood in a setting like this might be the “sexiest thing ever.”

The date doesn’t end with this amusement park gathering, though. The Bachelor spoilers share that Elyse and Colton will also get to have a quiet, romantic dinner together in the evening. Things will be a little more serious during their dinner as Dehlbom will share a heartbreaking story of some sort with Underwood.

After dinner, Bachelor spoilers indicate that Colton and Elyse will enjoy a performance by the country artist Tenille Arts who will sing her song “I Hate This.” Luckily, it doesn’t sound as if Underwood and Dehlbom will hate their time together, as she is said to get a rose and will stick around for a little longer.

Dehlbom has already managed to get Underwood’s heart racing and the two don’t seem to have any concerns about the age difference between them. The Bachelor spoilers suggest that this one-on-one will have a little bit of everything in terms of laughter, romance, and seriousness, and fans will be anxious to watch the sparks fly between them.

Could Elyse Dehlbom end up with Colton Underwood’s final rose this season on The Bachelor? Spoilers suggest that there’s a lot set to play out yet before that final rose ceremony is supposed to take place, but it sounds as if Episode 3 will have a lot of great moments in it that fans won’t want to miss.