Meghan Markle, Prince Harry Will Likely Follow These Royal Baby Traditions When The Big Day Arrives

Paul Grover - WPA PoolGetty Images

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may not be the biggest sticklers among the Windsors when it comes to keeping royal traditions. Some they’ve dutifully kept, some they’ve graciously side-stepped, and others they’ve thrown completely out the window. But when it comes to royal baby traditions, says Fox News, experts are of the opinion that they’ll probably toe the line, at least in these five ways.

A Proper And Fitting Royal Name

On this, there is absolutely zero wiggle room. Harry and Meghan will be expected to name their baby according to ancient and staid traditions that require him or her to be named after other royals – and they have hundreds of years of history to choose from.

William and Kate, whose first child (Prince George) was destined to be king from the moment he was conceived, needed a name already held by a previous monarch. However, since Harry and Meghan’s baby will be pretty far down in the line of succession, Harry and Meghan can go just a hair off-script when it comes to naming their baby. They’ll still be expected to give him or her a name that has popped up in British royal family history at some point.

By the way, according to OddsChecker, the British betting public is putting its collective money on Arthur, James, or Edward for a boy, and Alice, Diana, and Victoria for a girl.

A Beautiful Knitted Blanket From A 100-Year-Old Tailoring Company

For a century now, Nottingham-based G.H. Hurt & Son has been providing hand-knitted blankets to the royal family on the births of their children. Prince George got one, as did Prince Louis and Princess Charlotte, as did their father and uncle, Prince William and Prince Harry, respectively, and so on, going back a hundred years.

What’s more, according to Good Housekeeping, the company provides a lovely knitted cap for girls.

Keeping The Gender A Secret

So secret is the baby’s gender that not even Meghan and Harry know! Nor will they until the very moment he or she is born. That left 9-year-old admirer Kitty Dudley rather disappointed, as she told Hello! magazine that she asked the duchess of the sex of the baby and was told that even she didn’t know.

Queen Elizabeth Will Be The First To Know

Royal tradition holds that the first person to be notified of the birth of a baby within the royal family must be the sovereign. That means that 92-year-old Queen Elizabeth will be the first one to get a phone call from someone on Meghan’s birth team.

Speaking of Meghan’s birth team…

Midwives, Lots of Midwives

Meghan will have access to the best medical care in England. There will be the finest obstetrician in London, the best nurses, aides, and techs, and all of the other bells and whistles that come with a modern, Western birth. But she’ll also have a more traditional presence in the birthing room: midwives, probably three of them.

Midwifery goes back millennia, of course, and it’s been making a comeback lately. But in the royal family, they never really went away, and Meghan will follow in the footsteps of Princess Diana, Queen Elizabeth, and royal women before her and have a gaggle of them to assist her with her birth.